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Fluorescent image of CAR T cells in mouse liver fibrosis
A New Target for CAR T Cells: Senescence-Related Diseases
From atherosclerosis and diabetes to liver fibrosis and osteoarthritis, senescent cells are at the root of many debilitating diseases. Scientists increasingly have them in the crosshairs.
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Bacteroides bacteria under the microscope
Research Uncovers Details about How Gut Microbes Influence the Immune System
Investigators have shown how gut microbes promote the formation of a type of immune cell called regulatory T cells.
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In the Lab
cartoon of man hitting a snooze button
Drug That Hits CAR T Snooze Button Can Quiet a Cytokine Storm
An FDA-approved drug used to treat leukemia can serve as a temporary off switch for CAR T cells, MSK scientists have found.
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an illustration of cancer metastasis
AACR 2019 Research Roundup: Nanosensors for Cancer, New Immunotherapy Targets, a Road Map of Metastasis, and CAR T Fratricide
Read our key takeaways from the second half of the American Association for Cancer Research’s 2019 annual meeting.
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electron micrograph of a natural killer cell
Drugs That Stall — But Don’t Kill — Cancer Cells Are an Untapped Resource, Study Suggests
A drug combination that halts tumor cell division can stir the immune system into taking action.
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Illustration of mechanical arms altering a cell
MSK Scientists Fine-Tune CAR T Cells to Improve Their Performance
The updated versions can survive longer in the body while still packing a punch against cancer.
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a cabinet full of yellow rubber duckies and one blue one
The Immune System Can Fight Cancer. So Why Doesn’t It?
New research from scientists at the Sloan Kettering Institute helps explain how growing tumors escape our immune defenses.
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James Allison
Former MSK Immunologist James Allison Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine
Dr. Allison is being honored for discovering how to take the brakes off cancer-fighting immune cells.
Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of T lymphocyte cells (blue) attached to a red cancer cell.
Discovery of Unusual Cell Type Could Help Guide Immunotherapy
A newly identified group of immunosuppressive cells could provide insight into the effects of immunotherapy drugs.