Recent News: Cancer Metabolism

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In the Lab
CT scan showing lymphoma in the abdomen between the liver and the gallbladder.
A Metabolic Enzyme Drives Lymphoma and Is a Potential Drug Target
New research from Sloan Kettering Institute investigators pinpoints altered cell metabolism as a cause of B cell lymphoma.
In Brief
A fluorescent image of cells undergoing differentiation in a mouse model.
Cancer Stem Cells’ Reliance on a Key Amino Acid Could Be an Exploitable Weakness
The discovery links metabolism to the way cancer stem cells form tumors.
Cancer biologist Scott Lowe at a white board
Researchers Find that Vitamin B6 Contributes to Survival of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells
This research marks the first time researchers have found a connection between vitamin B6 and cancer.
In the Lab
illustration of the p53 protein binding to a DNA helix
New Findings Clarify How the “Guardian of the Genome” Works
Surprise! It has to do with metabolism.
a cartoon of a cancer cell spooning glutamine from a jar
Beyond Sugar: What Cancer Cells Need to Grow
While sugar gets most of the attention as a cancer fuel, other nutrients can be equally important.
In the Lab
Enhanced MRI of a glioblastoma
Starving Cancer Stem Cells Could Be the Trick to Treating Glioblastoma, Study Finds
MSK researchers have identified a compound that kills glioblastoma cells using a mechanism that’s completely different from earlier treatments.
Large cells filled with yellow-colored fat
Cancer Cells Eat Fat to Grow and Spread
Research conducted in zebrafish shows that melanoma cells have an affinity for fat, and that eating it makes them more aggressive.
In the Lab
abstract red and blue lines suggestive of metabolic pathways
Scientists Create First-of-Its-Kind Metabolic Road Map of Cancer
The online resource will serve as a benchmark for researchers studying metabolism and cancer.
photo of sugary foods like candy, donuts, and cupcakes
No Sugar, No Cancer? A Look at the Evidence
A lot has been written about the relationship between sugar and cancer. Most of it is wrong.
a circuit board
After Years of Neglect, Cancer Biologists Return to a Forgotten Field: Metabolism
Scientists are dusting off their biochemistry textbooks in the hunt for clues to cancer.