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In the Lab
Fluorescent image of CAR T cells in mouse liver fibrosis
A New Target for CAR T Cells: Senescence-Related Diseases
From atherosclerosis and diabetes to liver fibrosis and osteoarthritis, senescent cells are at the root of many debilitating diseases. Scientists increasingly have them in the crosshairs.
In the Clinic
Scientific Image
CAR Therapy for Solid Tumors Draws Attention at Annual Cancer Conference
Results from a clinical trial indicate that an experimental CAR therapy for mesothelioma is safe.
In the Lab
MSK physician-scientist Renier Brentjens
MSK Scientists Build "Armored" CAR T Cells to Smite Solid Tumors
The engineered immune cells secrete powerful drugs as a layer of defense.
MSK cell manufacturing specialist Xiuyan Wang
Meet the Scientists Who Engineer CAR T Cells, a Type of "Living" Immunotherapy
An immunotherapy called CAR T is transforming the treatment of certain cancers. These are the people who make it possible.
In the Lab
An illustration showing the process of CAR T cell therapy
Study Identifies New Way to Combat a Serious CAR T Cell Therapy Side Effect
By uncovering the root cause of cytokine release syndrome, MSK researchers have found a way to stop it.
Sign for AACR scientific meeting featuring collage of images
Highlights from MSK at the 2018 American Association for Cancer Research Meeting
Read up on the latest developments in several key areas of cancer research, including genomic mapping, disease modeling through CRISPR, CAR T therapy, and cancer stem cells.
In the Lab
CAR T cells attacking cancer
CRISPR Genome-Editing Tool Takes Cancer Immunotherapy to the Next Level
What do you get when you combine two of the hottest areas of biotechnology? A new paper from MSK researchers explains.
In the Lab
Illustration of CAR T cells with conveyor belts leading out of them carrying HVEM protein in tablet form.
New Immunotherapy Approach Turns Cells into “Micro-Pharmacies”
A new immunotherapy approach involves engineering CAR T cells to produce proteins that treat lymphoma.
In the Clinic
CAR T cell therapy
CAR T Cell Therapies Are a Growing Area of Research
Cell therapies that use patients’ own immune cells to attack cancer — including CAR T cell therapy, an approach developed at MSK — are a promising and rapidly growing area of research.
In the Lab
Neurons created from embryonic stem cells
Seeing the Light: How Engineered Nerve Cells Might Curb Parkinson’s Disease
A new tool called optogenetics is revealing clues about the function of a promising experimental therapy derived from stem cells.