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In the Clinic
Image of a mobile phone with a strand of DNA
There’s an App for That: When the Meaning of a BRCA Mutation Isn’t Clear-Cut
A new project called the BRCA Exchange is sharing data about BRCA mutations and what they actually mean for cancer risk.
In the Clinic
Microscopic view of blood cells from bone marrow in a case of acute myeloid leukemia
New Research Shows AML Is Not One Disease, But 11 or More
Learn how researchers plan to use new genetic information about acute myeloid leukemia to tailor treatments.
In the Clinic
Kenneth Offit
Innovative Research Center Will Explore Hereditary Cancer Genes
MSK’s new Robert and Kate Niehaus Center for Inherited Cancer Genomics is using the latest in gene sequencing technologies to discover the inherited causes of cancer.
Christina Leslie and John Petrini
Expanding the Impact of Precision Medicine to Fuel Discoveries
MSK’s Functional Genomics Initiative will enable basic scientists to take full advantage of the massive amount of data produced by tumor sequencing.
Pictured: Craig Thompson & Paul Marks
Memorial Sloan Kettering President Emeritus Paul Marks Publishes Memoir about His Life in Cancer Research
Former leader of Memorial Sloan Kettering Paul Marks gives a compelling view of cancer research and treatment over the past 40 years in <em>On the Cancer Frontier: One Man, One Disease, and a Medical Revolution</em>.
In the Lab
Pictured: Kenneth Offit
Gene Mutation Linked to Inherited Risk of Common Form of Childhood Leukemia
Researchers have found the first evidence that susceptibility to developing acute lymphoblastic leukemia during childhood may be heritable.