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In the Lab
An illustration of a reel of film
Feature Presentation: 3D Movies of Cell Signaling in Early Development from the Hadjantonakis Lab
Grab your popcorn and pull up a chair for these video shorts of cell signaling in early mouse development.
In the Lab
Medical image showing vasculature of colon tumor in mice.
Imaging Technique Combines Light and Sound to Monitor Drug Response
A new imaging approach involving lasers and sound waves produces high-resolution pictures of tumor blood vessels.
In the Lab
Illustration of how PU-PET localizes to tumors
Bull’s-Eye: Imaging Technology Could Confirm When a Drug Is Going to the Right Place
Collaborative team advances a new approach for imaging a drug that’s been developed to stop cancer growth.
In the Lab
Molecular image with target symbol
Scientists Develop a Tool to Watch a Single Gene Being Transcribed in a Living Cell
A new imaging technology developed at MSK allows researchers to focus on genes as they are copied into messenger RNA.
Side-by-side images of brain MRIs.
New Imaging Technique Provides Snapshot of Brain Tumor Activity
A new imaging approach could shorten the time needed to determine whether a brain tumor treatment is working.
In Brief
MSK light bright image
Can You Hear Me Now? Scientists Find Nanoparticles Have a Language of Their Own
Nanoparticles were thought of a silent partner in imaging technologies. They’re now being recognized as an important source of subatomic chatter.
In the Lab
PET/CT scan of mouse prostate (displayed in green and orange).
More Precise Imaging of Prostate Cancer Could Give Insight into Drug Effectiveness
An antibody that targets a protein specific to prostate cells can be used to image prostate cancer more clearly and indicate how well drugs are working.
Cellular sphere that is purple and lit throughout by yellow-orange light.
The Inner Light: Nanotechnology Reveals Density of Tumors
MSK <a href="/node/38885">nanotechnology</a> researchers have developed an innovative approach for measuring the permeability of living tumors.
In the Lab
Pictured: Casper zebrafish
Studying Cancer Mysteries Just Beneath the Scales
Hail to the zebrafish. MSK scientists are using a small fish to answer some big questions about cancer.
In the Clinic
Hyperpolarized MRI
Hyperpolarized MRI: A New Tool to Assess Treatment Response within Days
Hyperpolarized MRI could allow doctors to get a read on a tumor’s response to treatment quickly.