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In the Lab
Two abstract paintings, one in color and one in black and white.
Science Meets Art to Build a Paintable Diagnostic Test for Cancer
A collaboration between a nanotechnology scientist and a visual artist leads to a promising diagnostic test and a new art form.
In Brief
MSK light bright image
Can You Hear Me Now? Scientists Find Nanoparticles Have a Language of Their Own
Nanoparticles were thought of a silent partner in imaging technologies. They’re now being recognized as an important source of subatomic chatter.
In the Lab
MSK chemist Daniel Heller with models of his nanoparticles
Special Delivery: Nano-Size Particles Carry Personalized Medicines to Cancer’s Doorstep
Using computer intelligence, scientists are building drug-loaded nanoparticles that deliver a knockout blow to cancer.
In the Lab
Wearable device on woman’s arm with labels indicating beams going into nanotubes and coming back out for analysis.
Detective Work: How Implantable Nanosensors Could Monitor Cancer Activity
Learn how tiny sensors made of nanotubes could serve as implantable devices that offer a noninvasive way to monitor cancer and its treatments.
In the Lab
Medical illustration of nanoparticle spheres attacking cancer cell, which is beginning to disintegrate.
Nanoparticles Help Drugs Target Head and Neck Cancers with Reduced Side Effects
Researchers devised a novel method to ferry drugs to head and neck cancers using nanoparticles that naturally stick to a protein in tumor blood vessels.
In the Lab
Metastatic tumor in the lung, with different colors used to represent the cell nuclei, the blood vessels, and the P-selectin protein.
Hacking Metastasis: Nanotechnology Researchers Find New Way to Target Tumors
A protein in blood vessels that plays a role in cancer metastasis is a promising target for delivering cancer drugs to tumors using nanoparticles.
Cellular sphere that is purple and lit throughout by yellow-orange light.
The Inner Light: Nanotechnology Reveals Density of Tumors
MSK <a href="/node/38885">nanotechnology</a> researchers have developed an innovative approach for measuring the permeability of living tumors.
In the Lab
Proximal tubule of the kidney.
Miniature Device Could Unlock the Promise of Some Kidney Cancer Drugs
Memorial Sloan Kettering scientists have engineered a tiny particle that could ferry drugs directly to the kidneys and prevent their uptake in other organs.
Pictured: Jason Lewis, Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis & Daniel Heller
Memorial Sloan Kettering Launches New Center for Molecular Imaging and Nanotechnology
The new center brings together scientists and clinicians working in various fields who will use the power of imaging to speed research and innovations in cancer care.
Pictured: Daniel Heller
Tiny Solutions for Big Problems: A Visit to the Lab of Daniel Heller
Learn about Daniel Heller, who creates new nanoscale materials that are specially designed to improve biological research or solve clinical problems.