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black and white image of cells under a microscope
Researchers Discover Stem Cells That May Drive Aggressive Behavior in Glioblastoma
Researchers have discovered uncanny similarities between cells found in brain tumors and a type of stem cell that’s important for building the brain during fetal development.
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Enhanced MRI of a glioblastoma
Starving Cancer Stem Cells Could Be the Trick to Treating Glioblastoma, Study Finds
MSK researchers have identified a compound that kills glioblastoma cells using a mechanism that’s completely different from earlier treatments.
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Neurons created from embryonic stem cells
Seeing the Light: How Engineered Nerve Cells Might Curb Parkinson’s Disease
A new tool called optogenetics is revealing clues about the function of a promising experimental therapy derived from stem cells.
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Pictured: Experimental Brain Tumor
Genetic “Kill Switch” Could Make Cell Therapies Safer
Researchers have engineered a gene into therapeutic cells that allows them to turn off tumor growth if some of the cells become cancerous.
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Pictured: Cancer cell on blood vessel
Holding On and Hiding Out: How Cancer Cells Spread to the Brain and Thrive
Researchers have gained new understanding of how tumors metastasize by studying the behavior of exceptional breast and lung cancer cells that are capable of entering the brain and surviving there.
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Pictured: Stem cell-derived nerve cells exposed to progerin
Researchers Fast-Forward Stem Cell Aging to Study Degenerative Diseases
A team of Memorial Sloan Kettering scientists has come up with an approach to make stem-cell-derived neurons rapidly age in a cell culture dish. The breakthrough could transform research into Parkinson’s and other late-onset diseases.
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Mouse glioblastoma tumor with phagocytic macrophages
Immune Cells in the Brain Could be Enlisted to Fight Glioblastoma
Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers say a drug that acts on noncancerous, tumor-infiltrating cells might provide a new treatment option for the most common and aggressive type of brain cancer.
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Pictured: Neurons
Researchers Identify Key Element of Nerve Cell Development
Researchers have clarified the process by which developing nerve cells are directed to specialize into distinct parts.
Pictured: Lorenz Studer
Developmental Biologist Lorenz Studer Comments on the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Methods to generate stem cells have given scientists new ways to study some diseases and identify potential drugs, and could one day be used to rebuild diseased or damaged tissues in patients.
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Pictured: Structural formula of IBNtxA
Findings Could Lead to the Development of a New Painkiller
Scientists have generated a compound that could potentially be used to create a new type of pain medication that may prevent the side effects of currently available painkillers.