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MSK’s Virtual Convocation and Commencement Honors Graduates and Award Winners

Memorial Sloan Kettering’s 41st annual ceremony recognized graduates and award winners with an online event.

MSK leadership on the stage in the Zuckerman Research Center auditorium.

In the Lab

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Especially for Sex Chromosomes)

One’s big, one’s small. Somehow, they make it work.

X and Y chromosomes in mice

In Brief

Cancer Stem Cells’ Reliance on a Key Amino Acid Could Be an Exploitable Weakness

The discovery links metabolism to the way cancer stem cells form tumors.

A fluorescent image of cells undergoing differentiation in a mouse model.

In the Lab

How Small Chromosomes Compete with Big Ones for a Cell’s Attention

During meiosis, small chromosomes risk being lost in the shuffle. Here’s how they hold their own.

Chromosomes from a human male

In the Lab

New Discovery Explains How the Prostate Gland Regenerates Itself

Androgen-deprivation therapy, a mainstay of prostate cancer treatment, may give prostate cells new growth abilities, scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering have found.

Fluorescent image of mouse prostate gland

In the Lab

Novel Tool Enables Study of Rare Acute Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells

MSK investigators have used a lab tool originally developed to study fly nerve cells to uncover new findings about acute myeloid leukemia.

An illustration of a samurai riding a horse along a strand of RNA. The samurai’s sword is changing the letter A to the letter I.

In the Lab

Research Uncovers Details about How Gut Microbes Influence the Immune System

Investigators have shown how gut microbes promote the formation of a type of immune cell called regulatory T cells.

Bacteroides bacteria under the microscope

In the Lab

Drug Combination Could Boost the Effectiveness of Immunotherapy against Pancreatic Cancer

Studies conducted in mice reveal a potential way to breach the defenses of pancreatic cancer tumors.

A drawing of a pancreatic tumor represented as a barren landscape, blood vessels as rivers, and immune cells as ships with ammunition.

In the Lab

Imaging Technique Combines Light and Sound to Monitor Drug Response

A new imaging approach involving lasers and sound waves produces high-resolution pictures of tumor blood vessels.

Medical image showing vasculature of colon tumor in mice.

In the Lab

Researchers Discover Stem Cells That May Drive Aggressive Behavior in Glioblastoma

Researchers have discovered uncanny similarities between cells found in brain tumors and a type of stem cell that’s important for building the brain during fetal development.

black and white image of cells under a microscope