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Structural biologist Christopher Lima
Peering at Biological Molecules: A Conversation with Structural Biology Chair Christopher Lima
Seeing Biological Molecules at the Atomic Level: At Work with Christopher Lima, Structural Biology Chair.

Dinshaw Patel Receives C.C. Tan Life Science International Collaboration Award

The award recognizes his lifetime contributions to the field of life sciences, especially related to the training of Chinese scientists who have returned to faculty positions in China.

  • Wednesday, October 30, 2019
In the Lab
Molecular image with target symbol
Scientists Develop a Tool to Watch a Single Gene Being Transcribed in a Living Cell
A new imaging technology developed at MSK allows researchers to focus on genes as they are copied into messenger RNA.
In the Lab
A gray blob marked RAS linked to colorful rods marked ICMT
Deciphering How Membrane Enzymes Work, with a Little Help from Beetles
The atomic structure of an elusive type of membrane protein has finally been solved by scientists at the Sloan Kettering Institute.
Science Byte
Blue cells containing small red dots on a green and black background
Lifeguard on Duty: Looking at DNA Repair under a Microscope
Learn about what DNA repair looks like under a microscope.
MSK Symposium Honors Dinshaw Patel, Titan of Structural Biology
Scientists came to MSK to celebrate the 75th birthday of a leader in the field of structural biology.
Molecular biologist John Petrini of the Sloan Kettering Institute.
Understanding the DNA-Damage “First Responders”: John Petrini at Work
Scientists know that cancer can result from mistakes in DNA repair. But understanding what controls the repair process itself has been a hard nut to crack.
In the Lab
Light micrograph of white blood cells from a patient with acute myeloid leukemia.
New Drug Developed at MSK Starves Acute Myeloid Leukemia of a Signaling Fix
An innovative collaboration between basic scientists and clinical researchers has led to a promising new drug for AML.
In the Lab
Pictured: Three-dimensional structure of the protein mTOR
A Recently Revealed Protein Structure Creates New Opportunities for Cancer Research and Drug Design
In an eagerly awaited study, Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers report on the molecular structure of mTOR, a protein commonly mutated in cancer.
Pictured: Christopher Lima
Structural Biologist Christopher Lima Named Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Dr. Lima is one of 27 biomedical researchers in the country being named an HHMI investigator today. This elite group of scientists will receive approximately $150 million over the next five years.