Recent News: Tumor Microenvironment

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In the Lab
Medical image showing vasculature of colon tumor in mice.
Imaging Technique Combines Light and Sound to Monitor Drug Response
A new imaging approach involving lasers and sound waves produces high-resolution pictures of tumor blood vessels.
A doctor examines a mole.
Don't Scratch That Mole? Scientists Are Learning More about Inflammation and Cancer
It's not only what's inside your cells that determines your cancer risk. It's what surrounds them too.
Large cells filled with yellow-colored fat
Cancer Cells Eat Fat to Grow and Spread
Research conducted in zebrafish shows that melanoma cells have an affinity for fat, and that eating it makes them more aggressive.
Sign for AACR scientific meeting featuring collage of images
Highlights from MSK at the 2018 American Association for Cancer Research Meeting
Read up on the latest developments in several key areas of cancer research, including genomic mapping, disease modeling through CRISPR, CAR T therapy, and cancer stem cells.
In the Lab
Illustration of cells with blue nuclei that have green DNA bits floating in the cytoplasm
Escape Artists: Cancer Cells Mimic Immune Cell Activity to Spread
Researchers have discovered that cancer cells may hijack an immune response to spread from a primary tumor to distant organs.
In the Lab
Medical illustration of nanoparticle spheres attacking cancer cell, which is beginning to disintegrate.
Nanoparticles Help Drugs Target Head and Neck Cancers with Reduced Side Effects
Researchers devised a novel method to ferry drugs to head and neck cancers using nanoparticles that naturally stick to a protein in tumor blood vessels.
In the Lab
Electronic microscope enlargement of macrophage cell (tinted green)
Origin Story: Finding on Macrophage Development Challenges Long-Held View
A surprising finding challenges long-held dogma about how certain immune cells develop into specialized types in diverse tissues.
In the Lab
Metastatic tumor in the lung, with different colors used to represent the cell nuclei, the blood vessels, and the P-selectin protein.
Hacking Metastasis: Nanotechnology Researchers Find New Way to Target Tumors
A protein in blood vessels that plays a role in cancer metastasis is a promising target for delivering cancer drugs to tumors using nanoparticles.
In the Lab
photo of Foxo1 protein stained in regulatory T cells
In the Fight against Cancer, the Immune System Can Be a Double-Edged Sword
The immune system is a powerful tool for fighting cancer — sometimes too powerful.
In the Lab
Pictured: Johanna Joyce
Researchers Find Clues to How Breast Cancer Can Infiltrate the Brain
A new study sheds light on what enables breast cancer cells to spread to the brain and presents a potential target for drugs.