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In the Lab
Structural biologist Stephen Long in his lab
High-Tech Microscope Reveals Inner Workings of Protein Assembly Machinery
Sloan Kettering Institute investigators have learned how Hedgehog proteins, which are important in both development and cancer, are assembled.
Five MSK researcher headshots
ASCO 2021 Research Roundup: Focus on Immunotherapy
Read about the latest findings in immunotherapy from the 2021 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).
Sloan Kettering Institute immunologists Joseph Sun and Sam Sheppard
SKI Scientists Learn What Fuels the ‘Natural Killers’ of the Immune System
Sloan Kettering Institute scientists are understanding more about natural killer (NK) cells, which are your allies when it comes to fighting infections and cancer.
In the Lab
Illustration of a fish inside a bubble-like structure. The fish has strands of genetic material coming from its mouth. Outside the bubble is a worm-like creature with an open mouth, ready to gobble up the fish.
Researchers Discover New Cancer Cell Vulnerability: Droplets in the Nucleus
SKI researchers have learned how tiny droplets prevent a cancer-causing type of messenger RNA from being degraded in leukemia cells.
A video of a developing mouse embryo
Super Vision: How New Imaging Technologies Are Transforming Biomedical Research
With the power of advanced microscopes, Sloan Kettering Institutes scientists are pushing the boundaries of what can be seen and measured.
Cornelius Taabazuing
From a Village in Ghana to a Rising Young Researcher: Cornelius Taabazuing Reflects on His Journey
Learn about the journey of Cornelius Taabazuing, a rising young scientist who recently won the Tri-Institute Breakout Award for Young Investigators at the Sloan Kettering Institute.
Computational biologist Nikolaus Schultz
Open Source: MSK Researchers Share Valuable Cancer Data
The cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics, developed by computational biologists at MSK more than a decade ago, provides valuable data on the genetic makeup of tumors for the broader cancer community.
GSK Dean Michael Overholtzer stands at the podium
Virtual Convocation and Commencement Ceremony Honors Graduates and Award Winners
Memorial Sloan Kettering’s 42nd annual ceremony recognized graduates and award winners with a virtual ceremony.
John Maciejowski
Life as a ‘Forever Student’: At Work with Molecular Biologist John Maciejowski
Dr. Maciejowski studies chromosome instability and its role in cancer. In a May 2021 interview, he discussed how he got into science and what his lab has been focusing on lately.
SKI immunologist Gretchen Diehl
A Delicate Balance: Learning New Ways That Gut Microbes Educate the Immune System
Researchers at the Sloan Kettering Institute have found that gut microbes shape the immune system of mice in an unexpected way.