Basic Research Postdoctoral Innovation Grant


2022 Postdoctoral Awardee

Meret Arter

Meret Arter, PhD
Research Fellow
Keeney Lab

Project Title: “Combining novel structure- and function-informed phylogenetic analyses with molecular approaches to investigate the extraordinary plasticity of the meiotic recombination machinery”

To generate haploid gametes during meiosis most sexually reproducing organisms use the homologous recombination DNA repair pathway. While this process of meiotic recombination is almost universally conserved across eukaryotes, the protein machinery required for it is surprisingly variable between species. The goal of this project is to better understand the evolutionary forces that have shaped and keep shaping the meiotic recombination machinery and experimentally address the functional relevance of this remarkable variation

2021 Postdoctoral Awardee

Benjamin Winer

Benjamin Winer, PhD
Research Fellow
Huse Lab

Project Title: “Defining how cells make decisions between migration and phagocytosis”

Neutrophils are the most abundant immune cell type and play an important role in detecting infection and disease.  Neutrophils and other granulocytes must make complex decisions about where to move within the body and whether to perform phagocytosis, a process where they engulf and degrade a diseased cell or pathogen. The relationship between migration and phagocytosis is not well understood. The purpose of this project is to gain insight into these processes.

2020 Postdoctoral Awardees

Alberto Muñoz, PhD

Alberto Muñoz, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Tan Lab

Project Title: “Development of A One-Pot Synthesis of Carbonyl (Bio)isosteres”

The overall goal of this project is to develop new methods in organic synthesis that provide rapid access to complex and understudied pharmacophores. Our proposed methodologies promise to be catalytic, mild, and user friendly, requiring only visible light in the presence of a photosensitive catalyst to achieve a powerful molecular transformation. The compounds generated throughout the course of our studies will be implemented in research programs geared toward improving human health.

Keunwoo Ryu

Keunwoo Ryu, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Thompson Lab 

Project Title: “Functional Segregation of Mitochondria by High-Order Assembly of Metabolic Enzymes”

Mitochondria are highly dynamic and play a vital role in bioenergetic and biosynthetic pathways. However, how mitochondria maintain the intricate balance between biosynthetic and bioenergetic functions, especially those that utilize shared substrates and cofactors, remains poorly understood.  The proposed research aims to explore whether mitochondria can functionally segregate into distinct populations that independently maintain biosynthetic and bioenergetic functions. 

2019 BRIF Awardees

Daniel Ball

Daniel Ball, PhD
Research Fellow
Bachovchin Lab

Project Title: Development and application of a cysteine reactivity-based drug discovery platform for challenging protein targets

Turgut Dogruluk

Turgut Dogruluk, PhD
Research Fellow
Ventura Lab

Project Title: CRISPRa-based Single Cell Barcoding for Tracking and Recovery of Rare Drug Resistant Persister Populations

Darpan Medhi

Darpan Medhi, PhD
Research Fellow
Jasin Lab

Project Title: High throughput analysis of loss of heterozygosity in single cells using droplet-based microfluidics