Atefeh Riazi on Transforming Technology Overnight

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Hear Atefeh Riazi describe what it was like to transform MSK’s technology capabilities seemingly overnight in order to support patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Atefeh Riazi: The future happened over night.

It was a big change for us because the technology we had was not scalable.

And we had to make sure that we have the right technology very quickly to enable those televisits to take place.


That involves network, it involves the equipment, it involves training of our clinicians to use those devices, it involves training the patients, it involves training agents to support the patients.

[Priscilla, buenos dias. ¿Como estas?]

The deployment of technology was a huge undertaking but I would say it dwarfs compared to what our clinicians had to do to move to a new model for providing care.

And to me, I was in awe of what we achieved in a very short period of time.