Learn about the MSK Cancer Alliance

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The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance is designed to share MSK’s standards of care and clinical trials with community healthcare leaders, all with a mission to improve quality cancer care for patients.

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When the MSK Cancer Alliance started in 2014, it was a totally new idea at Memorial Sloan Kettering. It was clear, though, that it was potentially transformative, and that it would address an unmet need in cancer care.

The MSK Cancer Alliance is a collection of relationships with other medical centers where we share our standards of care. We share clinical trials, all with the mission to improve the outcome for patients with cancer.

"Like that spot and that spot..."

The reason for starting such an alliance is that we have recognized a long time ago that medical care is really provided in the community, far away from large academic medical institutions. If what we are going to do will have the largest impact on the most significant number of patients, we have to move beyond our walls.

Patients can rest assured they're getting state-of-the-art cancer care without having to leave home to get it.

The collaboration with MSK doctors is sharing of the latest knowledge back and forth and putting it to practice for a particular patient.

It's this idea that we develop programs together. Sometimes our alliance partners send people to Memorial, and we have programs here. Sometimes we have sent speakers or other people for programs there. Cancer patients benefit from the learning environment that's created with these relationships.

When you're facing cancer, both you, yourself, and your loved ones want peace of mind that you're getting the latest best care. And being part of the MSK Alliance, you're getting the best brand of care right here in your community.