MSK Cancer Alliance: Expanding Access to Clinical Trials

Deputy Physician-in-Chief for Clinical Research Paul Sabbatini talks about the power of the MSK Cancer Alliance to bring clinical trials that reflect the latest in cancer research and treatments to community hospitals — close to where people live. Clinical trials test the newest, most-effective possible approaches for the treatment of cancer, with the intent to provide long-term disease-free survival. As research findings expand the number of new targeted anticancer drugs in development, there are more clinical trials opening — and enrolling patients — than ever before. Richard Barakat, Deputy Physician-in-Chief for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Regional Care Network and Alliance, says the Alliance will make it possible to provide cutting-edge treatment to even more people in the community. Through sharing of staff, expertise, and trial development, MSK and community physicians are empowered to appropriately match patients to trials — and participate in improving cancer care.