MSK Cancer Alliance: The Vision Behind the MSK Cancer Alliance



Memorial Sloan Kettering physicians describe the power of the MSK Cancer Alliance to improve the lives of cancer patients, regardless of where they are treated, through dynamic partnerships with local care providers. Peter Bach, Director of the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes; Richard Barakat, Deputy Physician-in-Chief for the MSK Regional Care Network and Alliance; and Paul Sabbatini, Deputy Physician-in-Chief for Clinical Research, talk about how this transformational effort is designed to rapidly accelerate the pace of sharing new knowledge with community oncologists, who deliver more than 80 percent of the cancer care in the US. The collaboration will promote shared learning and generate new models for the delivery of care that can be reproduced throughout the MSK Cancer Alliance system. Together, hospitals in the MSK Cancer Alliance will develop ways to improve the quality of care delivered to cancer patients in their own communities.