Rob Lowe Delivers Keynote Speech at Memorial Sloan Kettering 2013 Survivorship Celebration

VIDEO | 07:00

Actor Rob Lowe addressed cancer survivors and their families at a Memorial Sloan Kettering public event celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day. Lowe said that cancer is truly a family disease because it affects everyone – including the parents, children, and siblings of those with a cancer diagnosis.

Lowe recounted his experience with cancer as young boy, when his grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Undaunted by the prognosis, his family members faced their fears together, forming a closer, more loving bond.

Lowe also observed that today’s war on cancer offers more hope than ever, as evidenced by a growing number of survivors. For many, he said, cancer is the beginning of a journey with the power to be transformative, enlightened, and heroic.