Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research's Sir David Lane Visits Memorial Sloan Kettering

VIDEO | 07:00

Sir David Lane, the Scientific Director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, speaks with postdoctoral research fellows at Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Ludwig Center for Cancer Immunotherapy and the Swim Across America/Ludwig Collaborative Research Laboratory. An accomplished researcher, Sir Lane shares some advice on how young researchers might go about building a rewarding and sustainable career.

He discusses the importance of establishing a strong foundation of technical skill; of applying specialized assays and experimental methods typically employed in one field to advance other areas of inquiry; and of sharing ideas and reagents freely to nurture lasting, mutually supportive relationships with other scientists.

He also discusses the promise of recent advancements in cancer immunotherapy. Recent studies in which Memorial Sloan Kettering and Ludwig Institute researchers have played a central role have demonstrated that cancer immunotherapies can generate lasting responses against a variety of malignancies, resulting in complete remissions in some cases.

The Ludwig Center for Cancer Immunotherapy and the Ludwig Collaborative Research Laboratory at Memorial Sloan Kettering are part of Ludwig Cancer Research, whose scientists, located at leading universities and hospitals around the world, collaborate closely to probe the basic biology of cancer, develop new therapeutic strategies, and translate their insights into interventions for the prevention and treatment of cancer.