Welcome to MSK in India

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From the comfort of your home in India or at MSK’s center in Chennai, you can now connect with world-class cancer experts in New York for a remote second opinion on every type of cancer. After helping gather your medical records, our team in India will facilitate a seamless consultation with MSK specialists using iCliniq’s telehealth platform. MSK physicians will consult with your local doctors on diagnostic reports, test reviews and treatment plans, as well as help you prepare for on-site care at MSK in New York if necessary. 

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Hello. I'm Dr. Murray Brennan. I wish to welcome you to MSK India. Our new facility in Chennai, India is a first of its kind not only for our institution, but for the 1.5 million Indian families who are affected by cancer every year.

As the world's oldest and largest private cancer center, we focus all our time and resources on conquering cancer and helping people regain their health. We are proud to include India in this mission of research, education and patient care. I hope you'll join us in this exciting endeavor.

Hello. I am Dr. Mrinal Gounder. For decades, people from India have traveled to Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York for their cancer care. Now we're excited to offer our services closer to your home.

Our new location in Chennai provides people in India with direct access to the world's best cancer research and technology. Our India center has a dedicated team of care coordinators who will help collect your medical records and facilitate a seamless consultation with our physicians in New York. If you're not able to visit us in Chennai, we can provide the same services from the comfort of your home anywhere within India. That's because we've partnered with iCliniq, a leading global telemedicine provider with state-of-the-art technology for remote consultations. You now have access to our specialists in New York for a diagnostic reports, test reviews, second opinions and treatment plans. If you choose, we are proud to work with your local doctors and oncologists to communicate our recommendations, and if necessary, we are also happy to arrange travel to MSK's New York City campus.

Thanks to MSK India, world-class cancer care is now available to the people of India. Our mission is to save lives and advance the understanding of cancer, including the most important cancer: yours.