Britta Weigelt, PhD

Pictured: Britta Weigelt

I am a research scientist with expertise in  high-throughput transcriptomics and the genomics of breast and endometrial cancers. I have employed these techniques to study the biology and molecular classification of breast cancer subtypes, and to inform functional studies aiming to define the molecular markers of response to specific targeted therapies in breast and endometrial cancer cells.

My current research program focuses on the study of endometrial cancers, the most common gynecologic cancer in developed countries. Benefiting from the extensive tissue collections in the Department of Pathology and the state-of-the art facilities at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, we are combining traditional pathological techniques with cutting-edge tools for genetic analyses and functional studies. Our aim is to identify biologically relevant subclasses of endometrial cancers and their driving molecular aberrations. The goal of our research is to define how these molecular changes can be exploited to inform us about the optimal therapy for specific patients with endometrial cancer.

In addition, in collaboration with Jorge Reis-Filho's laboratory, we are characterizing the genetic alterations of rare types of breast cancer for the development of a molecular classification of breast cancers based on their potential therapeutic targets.

Clinical Expertise

Experimental Pathology; Genomics; Breast and Gynecologic Cancers

Languages Spoken

PhD, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, California); Cancer Research UK London Research Institute (London, UK)

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