Rajmohan Murali, MBBS, MD, FRCPA

Pictured: Rajmohan Murali

I am a surgical pathologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I work closely with clinical colleagues (pathologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, and other physicians) in diagnosing and managing patients with gynecologic diseases. By examining tissue samples obtained from patients following surgery or biopsy and by selecting appropriate additional (e.g. molecular genetic) tests, I diagnose tumors and other diseases, and determine their likely clinical behavior. This information helps guide treatment decisions.

My research activities involve studies of the genetics, biology and pathology of gynecologic cancers, melanoma, prostate cancer, and familial cancers. Over the past decade, in conjunction with clinicians and laboratory scientists, I have published over 180 articles, book chapters and abstracts, and have presented scientific works at several international conferences.

Clinical Expertise

Anatomic Pathology; Gynecologic Pathology; Melanocytic tumors; Molecular Pathology

Languages Spoken

The University of Sydney (Australia); Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (Australia)


Westmead Hospital (Australia); Liverpool Hospital (Australia)


Westmead Hospital (Australia)

Board Certifications

Anatomical Pathology

Publications by Rajmohan Murali
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