For Healthcare Professionals: International Observership Program

To facilitate collaborations among professionals from institutions around the world, the Memorial Sloan Kettering International Observership Program hosts physicians and scientists from other countries and provides an introduction to the United States medical system as it relates to cancer care.

Observers can spend time interacting with our experts at all levels. Participants engage in various clinical and educational activities, including conferences, medical rounds, and seminars.

Participants must be invited by a Memorial Sloan Kettering faculty member who has agreed to serve as the host and mentor during the observership period. Observerships are usually for one month, but in selected departments a longer period is possible with the approval of the Vice President for International Programs.


To be accepted into the program, applicants must be a practicing physician, DDS or PhD.

Applicants must possess strong English-language skills and are responsible for obtaining their own visa and living accommodations.

If you are a medical student, the Office of Graduate Medical Education coordinates a medical elective program for visiting US and International medical students. See programs for medical students.

How to Apply

To be accepted as an observer through the International Program, you must:

Request Sponsorship

Contact a Memorial Sloan Kettering faculty member to request an invitation to apply for an observership.

Provide the potential host/sponsor with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact information (e-mail address and phone number)
  • Title/position
  • Current employer or affiliated academic institution
  • Preferred dates of visit

If the individual you have contacted agrees to host your visit, he or she will contact the International Observership Program office and you will receive an application invitation by e-mail.

Complete the Online Application Form

The application invitation e-mail will include a secure log-in and password with a link to the online application form. The application requires a short statement explaining why you would like to participate in the program, a copy of your CV, and a letter of reference from your current employer.

The Vice President for International Programs or his designee will review the application.

The approval process typically takes three to four weeks. Due to the high volume of requests, we are not able to accommodate everyone.