Integrative Medicine: Individual Therapies

The Integrative Medicine Service offers acupuncture, group fitness classes, nutrition and dietary supplement counseling, touch therapies, mind-body therapies, creative therapies, and personal training.

You do not have to be a patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering to make an appointment. Patients may also meet with one of our physicians to consult on which integrative medicine therapies would be most beneficial.

For appointments please call 646-888-0800. All of our therapies are provided at the Bendheim Integrative Medicine Center. Some are also available at the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center and at the Brooklyn Infusion Center.


Acupuncture is a safe, painless, and effective form of traditional Chinese medicine. Disposable, ultra-thin needles are applied to specific points on the body to stimulate the nervous system to release certain chemicals in the brain. The improved energy and balance stimulate the body's natural healing abilities, relieve many physical ailments, promote physical and emotional well-being, and assist with lifestyle issues such as smoking cessation and weight loss.

Symptoms commonly treated with acupuncture include pain, muscle tension, neuropathy, dry mouth, headache, musculoskeletal problems, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, lack of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, weight gain and loss, swelling, hot flashes, and surgery-related arm and leg lymphedema.

Sessions are now also available at the Brooklyn Infusion Center.

Fees for Acupuncture

Individual first session
Follow-up session
Well-Being Passport* (ten sessions)
Community acupuncture visit


* A Well-Being Passport may be used for any individual therapy normally priced $100.

Community Acupuncture

Enjoy the benefits of acupuncture at a lower cost by enrolling in a small group session. You will be among a maximum of six people treated by one of Integrative Medicine's senior acupuncturists. Sessions are now also available at the Brooklyn Infusion Center. One private session with one of Integrative Medicine’s acupuncturists is required prior to joining a Community session.

Restorative Facial Acupuncture

This therapy uses gentle, pain-free acupuncture and acupressure techniques to help you look better and feel great. Facial acupuncture may improve skin tone and appearance, and minimize fine lines.

Creative Therapies for Inpatients (No Charge)

Music Therapy

Music therapy uses music to encourage healing and promote a general sense of well-being. Under the guidance of a professionally trained music therapist, patients listen to or perform music, which enhances relaxation, creativity, pleasure, and self-expression and helps reduce pain and feelings of isolation.


Frequent workshops and lectures are available to patients, their families, and members of the community. Please call 646-888-0800 for more information.

Mind-Body Therapies

Mind-body therapies are often used to combat symptoms such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, stress, nausea, weight gain and loss, pain, muscle tension, and headache.

The rate for individual mind-body therapies is $100; for a package of ten, $900. Therapies are customized to fit the needs of all patients and families regardless of clinical status.

Individual session
Mind-Body Passport* (ten sessions)
Group session for couples, family, and loved ones
Mindfulness Practice Group



*A Passport to Mind-Body Therapies may be used for any individual therapy normally priced $100.


Meditation teaches us to calm our minds and to be more present in every moment of our lives. This can lead to powerful reductions in stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation and guided imagery can alleviate pain, as well as other symptoms. Through meditation, we can reconnect with our unique inner strengths, which can be strong allies during times of illness or stress.

Mind-Body Therapy for Couples, Families, and Loved Ones

Meditation, self-hypnosis, and guided imagery are performed alongside a loved one, providing support to both patients and caregivers.


The practice of self-hypnosis is taught, allowing you to harness your own innate and powerful resources and to master the art and science of self-regulation. Benefits include relaxation, reduced pain, improved sleep, improved digestion, and desired behavior change.

Pre-Surgical Self-Hypnosis

Learn practical techniques to manage pre-surgical anxiety, post-operative pain, fatigue, or depression, and to facilitate your return to normal functioning. The session includes an audio CD to support your practice at home.

Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Self-hypnosis for weight loss is a specially designed program to help you lose weight easily and without dieting. The program is creative, fun and empowering.

Mindfulness Practice Group

This weekly group focuses on the practices of mindfulness meditation, the foundation of all meditation traditions. While mindfulness meditation is simple to learn, its benefits are profound and long lasting. A brief conversation with the group leader is required prior to participating, and can be arranged with the front desk. Space is limited. Pre-registration is encouraged, and one individual session with the group leader is required prior to participating.


Nutrition counseling can help you to improve your health through dietary changes. Integrative Medicine nutritionists also specialize in helping patients with questions related to dietary supplements, vitamins, and herb-prescription drug interactions.

Fees for Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition and Supplement (30-minute)
Nutrition and Supplement (one-hour)
Focus on Supplements (30-minute)
Mind-Body Nutrition (90-minute)
Nutrition and Cancer Basics (one-hour)


Nutrition and Supplement Counseling

Individual or family sessions offer scientifically based diet and nutrition recommendations for disease prevention. We also offer expert advice on the appropriate use of dietary supplements for disease prevention as well as during treatment. Phone consultations are available.

Focus on Supplements

This 30-minute session discusses the pros and cons of over-the-counter dietary supplements, including the possibility of interactions with various medications. Guidelines will be provided for the safe use of supplements, both for disease prevention and for those undergoing treatment. Phone consultations are available.

Mind-Body Nutrition Counseling

Learn an effective weight-management strategy that combines nutritional counseling and cutting-edge mind-body therapy. In a half-hour session with a nutrition counselor and full-hour session with a mind-body therapist, you will acquire the tools and information to help you achieve your weight-management goals. Note: It may not be possible to schedule both sessions for the same day.

Nutrition and Cancer Basics

This free, one-hour class provides dietary guidance for disease prevention and for those undergoing treatment. In 2014, this group will meet on Tuesday, January 11 and Tuesday, March 14. Please call 646-888-0800 to register. Visit About Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products, our free online resource for both patients and healthcare professionals, to learn more about herbs, botanicals, and vitamins.

Physical Activity & Fitness

Exercise programs can improve strength and endurance while promoting relaxation. Physical fitness also helps relieve pain, muscle tension, weakness, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and stress. Click here to see our group class offerings.

Fees for Physical Activity & Fitness

Group exercise classes
Personal training (30-minute)
Personal training (one-hour)
Fitness Passport (ten one-hour personal training sessions )


Physician Consultations

Complimentary consultations with one of our Integrative Medicine physicians are available weekdays at the following locations:

Dance Movement Therapy (Available to Pediatric Inpatients Only)

Dance movement therapy is a multi-sensory approach that helps patients express their experiences of their illness. Using the tools of movement, dance, music, body awareness, relaxation, and meditation/visualizations, patients explore their feelings and share their concerns. Through experiential activities, patients learn to manage pain and other symptoms, improve self-esteem and body image, develop effective communication skills in their relationships, and create new options for coping with their illness.

Touch Therapies

Symptoms commonly treated with touch therapies include pain, muscle tension, post-operative discomfort, musculoskeletal problems, anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, and fatigue. 

Individual session 
Individual session with senior therapist
Kinesio Taping (30-minute)
Kinesio Taping (one-hour)
Well-Being Passport* (ten sessions)
Well-Being Passport with senior therapist


Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage includes the use of aromatic plant extracts and authentic essential oils to affect mood and promote health. A very popular stress reliever, it is used to restore balance throughout the body.

Kinesio Taping

Speed recovery from muscular and fascial ailments including strains, sprains, and tendinitis. Your session begins with a 15 minute concentrated massage of the area(s) to be treated, after which a painless, waterproof tape is applied by a certified KT practitioner (CKTP).

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

MLD, now offered at the Bendheim Integrative Medicine Center and the integrative medicine suite at the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center, is an important part of complete decongestive therapy for patients at risk for lymphedema or with symptoms such as heaviness or discomfort following lymph node dissection during cancer surgery. MLD is a gentle, noninvasive massage technique that directs excessive lymph fluid away from affected areas toward regions of the body that can support drainage. This therapy can reduce the pain and discomfort of lymphedema while promoting relaxation.

Medical Qi Gong Therapy

The oldest therapeutic modality of Chinese medicine, medical Qi Gong integrates focused attention, movement, breathing techniques, and gentle touch therapy that follows the body's meridian map. Benefits include increased well-being, stress reduction, and management of symptoms such as pain, fatigue, nausea, and headache.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is relaxing and restorative. Through the application of specific techniques that include positioning and support, this special, gentle massage relieves stress and soothes tight and aching muscles.


Reflexology is the ancient practice of applying pressure to specific parts of the feet, hands, and ears. A reflexology treatment is deeply relaxing and helps to reduce stress, relieve pain, increase circulation, and enhance well-being. It's perfect for the busy person on the go.


Reiki promotes the healing of physical and emotional ailments through gentle touch. Reiki therapists use light pressure techniques to restore harmony and provide deep relaxation and a sense of clarity.

Repetitive Stress Injury Massage

This type of massage addresses work- and sports-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, “mouse shoulder,” and “tennis elbow.” In this individual, customized session, various massage techniques are used to relieve areas of pain, restriction of movement, and tension. Our therapists also make recommendations to help clients improve ergonomics when sitting at the computer, playing sports, or performing other repetitive tasks.


Shiatsu, a type of massage developed in Japan, uses hand pressure and stretching techniques to promote balance and to quiet and center the mind. Depending on the client’s clinical status, our therapists may perform Shiatsu on the floor or on a massage table. Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing..

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage in the United States. It involves the therapeutic manipulation of muscles with a variety of hand movements to relieve muscular tension, stimulate circulation, and induce feelings of deep relaxation and tranquility.