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Pictured: Renier J. Brentjens
Brentjens, Renier J.
Director, Cellular Therapeutics
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Renier Brentjens develops novel immunotherapies for leukemias and lymphomas.


Hanash, Alan M.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Alan Hanash studies transplant immunology and immune-mediated mechanisms of tissue damage and regeneration.
Pictured: Katharine C. Hsu
Hsu, Katharine C.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Katharine Hsu studies the biology of human natural killer cells and how they contribute to disease processes.


Pictured: Ming Li
Li, Ming
Immunology Program
Immunologist Ming Li studies mechanisms of immune regulation, and their relevance to diseases including cancer.


Pictured: Richard O'Reilly
O'Reilly, Richard J.
Immunology Program
Physician-scientist Richard O'Reilly investigates the genetic disparities and cellular interactions between donor and host that affect allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation.


Pictured: Alexander Rudensky
Rudensky, Alexander
Chair, Immunology Program, SKI
Immunology Program
Immunology Program Chair Alexander Rudensky focuses on immunological tolerance and the differentiation and function of T cells.


Pictured: Michel Sadelain
Sadelain, Michel
Director, Center for Cell Engineering
Immunology Program
Immunologist Michel Sadelain studies the mechanisms governing transgene expression, stem cell engineering, and genetic strategies to enhance immunity against cancer.
Pictured: Joseph Sun
Sun, Joseph
Immunology Program
Immunologist Joseph Sun investigates the natural killer cell response against infection and cancer.


Pictured: Marcel R. M. van den Brink
van den Brink, Marcel R. M.
Immunology Program
Physician-scientist Marcel R. M. van den Brink studies the immunology of bone marrow transplantation.


Pictured: James Young
Young, James W.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist James Young studies innate and adaptive immunity against tumors and viruses stimulated by human dendritic cells.