Find Faculty & Laboratory Staff


Pictured: Gabriela Chiosis
Chiosis, Gabriela
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Chemical biologist Gabriela Chiosis studies the pharmacological modulation of molecular chaperones in transformed systems.
Pictured: John Chodera
Chodera, John
Computational Biology Program
Computational chemist John Chodera uses statistical mechanics, molecular modeling, and automated biophysical experiments to help identify new potential therapeutics and investigate mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer.


Daniel Heller
Heller, Daniel A.
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Chemist Daniel Heller focuses on biomaterials and nanoscale engineering for molecular sensors and targeted therapeutics.
Pictured: James J. Hsieh
Hsieh, James J.
Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program
Physician-scientist James Hsieh focuses on developing novel therapeutics targeting cancer cell proliferation; he also directs Memorial Sloan Kettering’s translational kidney cancer research program.
Pictured: Morgan Huse
Huse, Morgan
Immunology Program
Immunologist Morgan Huse investigates intracellular signaling dynamics in lymphocytes.


Pictured: Xuejun Jiang
Jiang, Xuejun
Cell Biology Program
Cell biologist Xuejun Jiang studies programmed cell death, molecular mechanisms, and their roles in tumorigenesis.


Pictured: Kayvan R. Keshari
Keshari, Kayvan R.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Biochemist and imaging specialist Kayvan Keshari explores changes in cancer metabolism to develop advanced imaging techniques and cancer targets.
Pictured: Michael Kharas
Kharas, Michael G
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Cancer biologist Michael Kharas studies RNA regulators of self-renewal in both normal and leukemic hematopoiesis.


Pictured: Jason Lewis
Lewis, Jason S.
Director, Center for Molecular Imaging and Nanotechnology
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Radiochemist Jason Lewis develops radiopharmaceuticals for the imaging and therapy of cancer.
Pictured: Yueming Li
Li, Yueming
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Biochemist Yueming Li studies function and regulation of transmembrane proteases and development of novel protease-based cancer therapies.
Pictured: Christopher Lima
Lima, Christopher D.
Structural Biology Program
Structural biologist Christopher Lima studies the biology of post-translational protein modification and RNA processing.
Pictured: Stephen B. Long, PhD
Long, Stephen B.
Structural Biology Program
Stephen Long studies the mechanisms of ion channels and enzymatic membrane proteins.
Luo, Minkui
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Chemist Minkui Luo develops and implements the combined chemical and biological tools to define and manipulate epigenetic functions of protein methyltransferases for disease diagnosis and therapy.


Pictured: Gavril W. Pasternak
Pasternak, Gavril W.
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Pharmacologist Gavril Pasternak studies molecular mechanisms of opioid receptor actions, analgesics, and G-protein-coupled receptors.
Pictured: Dinshaw Patel
Patel, Dinshaw
Structural Biology Program
Structural biologist Dinshaw Patel studies the structural biology of macromolecular recognition, including RNA catalysis, RNA interference, and bypass of DNA damage.
Pictured: Nikola Pavletich
Pavletich, Nikola P.
Chair, Structural Biology Program, SKI
Structural Biology Program
Structural Biology Program Chair Nikola Pavletich studies the structural biology of oncogenes and tumor suppressors.


Pictured: Thomas Reiner
Reiner, Thomas
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Imaging specialist Thomas Reiner focuses on the development of novel imaging probes for both PET imaging and optical imaging technologies.


Scheinberg, David A.
Chair, Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program, SKI; Director, Center for Experimental Therapeutics
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry Program Chair David Scheinberg focuses on the discovery and development of novel, specific immunotherapeutic agents and targeted nanodevices for cancer therapy.
Shuman, Stewart
Molecular Biology Program
Molecular biologist Stewart Shuman studies mechanisms and structures of the mRNA cap-forming enzymes and the means by which capping is coupled to transcription.


Derek Tan, research lab head
Tan, Derek
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Chemist Derek Tan studies diversity-oriented synthesis and rational drug design for chemical biology and drug discovery.


Pictured: Wolfgang Weber
Weber, Wolfgang A.
Chief, Molecular Imaging and Therapy Service
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Wolfgang Weber specializes in imaging and therapy, with a focus on the translation of novel drugs, imaging agents, and methodologies from bench to bedside.
Weinstein, Harel
Computational Biology Program
Computational biologist Harel Weinstein investigates the structural, dynamic, and integrative determinants of molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying physiological function and pharmacological activity.