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Pictured: Michelle Bardbury
Bradbury, Michelle S.
Director of Intraoperative Imaging, Radiology
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Clinician-scientist Michelle Bradbury develops translational, tumor-targeting, PET-optical silica nanoparticle probes for diagnostics, drug delivery, and sensing.


Pictured: John Chodera
Chodera, John
Computational Biology Program
Computational chemist John Chodera uses statistical mechanics, molecular modeling, and automated biophysical experiments to help identify new potential therapeutics and investigate mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer.


Pictured: Jan Grimm
Grimm, Jan
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Radiologist Jan Grimm develops novel activatable molecular imaging approaches for improved detection and monitoring of prostate and other cancers.


Daniel Heller
Heller, Daniel A.
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Chemist Daniel Heller focuses on biomaterials and nanoscale engineering for molecular sensors and targeted therapeutics.
Pictured: Hedvig Hricak
Hricak, Hedvig
Chair, Department of Radiology
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Radiologist Hedvig Hricak researches methodologies of molecular imaging of prostate and gynecologic tumors.


Pictured: Moritz Kircher
Kircher, Moritz F.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Moritz Kircher develops novel molecular imaging approaches with a focus on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging.


Larson, Steven M.
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Radiologist Steven Larson focuses on molecular imaging in animals and humans using high-resolution diagnostic instruments, such as positron emission tomography, and single photon emission tomography.


Pertsinidis, Alexandros
Structural Biology Program
Structural biologist Alexandros Pertsinidis uses structural molecular and structural cell biology to study novel optical imaging and spectroscopy technologies to understand the function of complex macromolecular machines inside living cells.


Scheinberg, David A.
Chair, Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program, SKI; Director, Center for Experimental Therapeutics
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry Program Chair David Scheinberg focuses on the discovery and development of novel, specific immunotherapeutic agents and targeted nanodevices for cancer therapy.