Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories

Within Memorial Hospital, many scientists lead research laboratories, including some physician-scientists who apply insights from the clinic to their laboratory work. Our investigators conduct research ranging from analyzing genetic changes in patient tumor samples to developing new imaging techniques to studying the best ways to optimize radiation therapy delivery.

Learn more about our investigators who head basic and translational research laboratories within Memorial Hospital.

Pictured: Omar Abdel-Wahab
Omar I. Abdel-Wahab

Physician-scientist Omar Abdel-Wahab studies the functional genomics of hematopoietic malignancies.

Prasad S. Adusumilli
Prasad S. Adusumilli

Physician-scientist Prasad Adusumilli studies tumor immunology and the development of T-cell-mediated immunotherapy for thoracic malignancies and pleural-based diseases.

Cristina R. Antonescu

Physician-scientist Cristina Antonescu studies the molecular pathogenesis of soft tissue sarcomas and gastrointestinal stromal tumors.

José Baselga

Memorial Sloan Kettering Physician-in-Chief José Baselga studies mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies and identification of novel therapeutic combinations in solid cancers.

Pictured: Michael Berger
Michael F. Berger

Researcher Michael Berger focuses on massively parallel sequencing of tumor DNA for biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics.

Pictured: Michelle Bardbury
Michelle S. Bradbury

Clinician-scientist Michelle Bradbury develops translational, tumor-targeting, PET-optical silica nanoparticle probes for diagnostics, drug delivery, and sensing.

Cameron W. Brennan

Physician-scientist Cameron Brennan focuses on genomic analysis of human and mouse gliomas and medulloblastomas.

Pictured: Renier J. Brentjens
Renier J. Brentjens

Physician-scientist Renier Brentjens develops novel immunotherapies for leukemias and lymphomas.

Jacqueline Bromberg

Physician-scientist Jacqueline Bromberg focuses on aberrantly activated Stat3 and the mechanisms of Stat3-mediated transformation.

Pictured: Jorge A. Carrasquillo
Jorge A. Carrasquillo

Physician-scientist Jorge Carrasquillo focuses on the development of targeted radioimmunotherapy drugs.

Pictured: Brett S. Carver
Brett S. Carver

Physician-scientist Brett Carver focuses on the identification of molecular pathways involved in prostate cancer initiation and progression.

Pictured: Timothy Chan
Timothy A. Chan

Physician-scientist Timothy Chan focuses on the identification and characterization of tumor suppressors in glioblastoma and breast cancer.

Pictured: Sarat Chandarlapaty
Sarat Chandarlapaty

Physician-scientist Sarat Chandarlapaty studies the regulation of growth factor signaling networks in cancer.

Pictured: Yu Chen
Yu Chen

Physician-scientist Yu Chen studies the role of transcription factors that are critical for prostate cancer development.

Emily H. Cheng

Physician-scientist Emily Cheng focuses on the molecular mechanisms of cell death and their implications in tumorigenesis and cancer therapy, with primary emphasis on lung and kidney cancers.

Nai-Kong V. Cheung

Physician-scientist Nai-Kong Cheung focuses on engineering of antibodies and immune cells to treat solid tumors in children.

Pictured: Ping Chi
Ping Chi

Physician-scientist Ping Chi studies genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of transcriptional regulation by oncogenic transcription factors in GIST and other solid tumors.

Pictured: Amita Shukla Dave
Amita Shukla Dave

Medical physicist Amita Shukla Dave is developing a program in multimodality imaging for head and neck cancer and developing new imaging criteria for prostate cancer.

Joseph O. Deasy

Medical Physics Department Chair Joseph Deasy focuses on integration and analysis of dose, imaging, and molecular data to predict outcomes and guide personalized treatments.

Ronald DeMatteo

Physician-scientist Ronald DeMatteo focuses on strategies to reduce immune subversion in gastrointestinal stromal tumor and liver cancer and on immunobiology in liver cancer.

Pictured: Liang Deng
Liang Deng

Physician-scientist Liang Deng studies poxvirus interface with the immune system and the development of poxviruses as oncolytic and immunotherapy for cancers.

Pictured: James Fagin
James A. Fagin

Physician-scientist James Fagin focuses on the pathogenesis of thyroid cancer and the role of oncogenic kinases.

Alan M. Hanash

Physician-scientist Alan Hanash studies transplant immunology and immune-mediated mechanisms of tissue damage and regeneration.

Tobias M. Hohl

Physician-scientist Tobias Hohl studies the molecular pathogenesis of human fungal pathogens and how the immune system responds to them.

Pictured: James J. Hsieh
James J. Hsieh

Physician-scientist James Hsieh focuses on developing novel therapeutics targeting cancer cell proliferation; he also directs Memorial Sloan Kettering’s translational kidney cancer research program.

Pictured: Katharine C. Hsu
Katharine C. Hsu

Physician-scientist Katharine Hsu studies the biology of human natural killer cells and how they contribute to disease processes.

John L. Humm

Medical physicist John Humm focuses on noninvasive imaging of the tumor microenvironment using nuclear imaging methods.

Pictured: Jason T. Huse
Jason T. Huse

Physician-scientist Jason Huse focuses on the molecular pathogenesis of brain tumors, particularly high-grade gliomas.

Pictured: Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue
Christine A. Iacobuzio-Donahue

Physician-scientist Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue studies the genomics and cell biology of pancreatic and other solid tumors as it relates to subclonal evolution, tumor progression, and metastasis.

Pictured: Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson

Medical physicist Andrew Jackson studies the relationship between radiotherapy dose distributions and treatment outcome and the optimization of radiotherapy treatment planning.

Pictured: Lee Jones
Lee Jones

Exercise scientist Lee Jones focuses on the efficacy and mechanisms of exercise training on cardiovascular toxicities and tumor initiation and progression.

Pictured: Kayvan R. Keshari
Kayvan R. Keshari

Biochemist and imaging specialist Kayvan Keshari explores changes in cancer metabolism to develop advanced imaging techniques and cancer targets.

Pictured: Tari King
Tari A. King

Physician-scientist Tari King studies the molecular genetics of high-risk breast lesions and the transition from in situ to invasive breast carcinoma.

Pictured: Moritz Kircher
Moritz F. Kircher

Physician-scientist Moritz Kircher develops novel molecular imaging approaches with a focus on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging.

Jason A. Koutcher

Physician-scientist Jason Koutcher studies applications of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging to enhance the therapeutic gain of different antineoplastic modalities.

Pictured: Marc Ladanyi
Marc Ladanyi

Molecular pathologist Marc Ladanyi studies the molecular pathogenesis of sarcomas, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

Pictured: Steven D. Leach
Steven D. Leach

Physician-scientist Steven Leach studies molecular, genetic, and cellular determinants of pancreatic cancer initiation and progression.

Pictured: William Lee
William Lee

Computational biologist William Lee focuses on the application of high-throughput sequencing technologies for cancer biomarker discovery and diagnostics.

Pictured: Douglas Levine
Douglas A. Levine

Physician-scientist Douglas Levine studies the genomic basis for prevention and control of ovarian and uterine carcinomas.

Pictured: Ross Levine
Ross L. Levine

Physician-scientist Ross Levine focuses on the investigation of genetic basis of hematopoietic malignancies.

Pictured: Jason Lewis
Jason S. Lewis

Radiochemist Jason Lewis develops radiopharmaceuticals for the imaging and therapy of cancer.

Gloria C. Li

Radiation scientist Gloria Li studies the response of cells to stressors such as heat and radiation.

Gikas S. Mageras

Medical physicist Gikas Mageras focuses on radiation treatment planning and verification using CT images to guide radiation treatment and monitor and correct for patient internal and external movement during treatment delivery.

Pictured: Babak J. Mehrara
Babak J. Mehrara

Physician-scientist Babak Mehrara studies the regulation of lymphatic regeneration after surgery and development of lymphedema.

Pictured: Ingo Mellinghoff
Ingo K. Mellinghoff

Physician-scientist Ingo Mellinghoff studies signal transduction alterations in primary brain tumors.

Pictured: Kenneth Offit
Kenneth Offit

Cancer geneticist Kenneth Offit focuses on gene characterization; genetic and epidemiologic studies of cancer-predisposing alleles; and the therapeutic, prognostic, and psychosocial translation of these findings.

Ying-Xian Pan
Ying-Xian Pan

Physician-scientst Ying-Xian Pan studies the transcription regulation and function of opioid receptor genes.

Pictured: Christopher Park
Christopher Y. Park

Physician-scientist Christopher Park focuses on the identification and characterization of molecular pathways that regulate normal and malignant stem cells in the hematopoietic system.

Pictured: Vladimir Ponomarev
Vladimir Ponomarev

Physician-scientist Vladimir Ponomarev focuses on developing reporter genetic systems for specific applications such as sequential in vivo imaging studies in cancer biology, cancer immunotherapy, and radiation sciences.

Pictured: Govind Ragupathi
Govind Ragupathi

Physician-scientist Govind Ragupathi studies tumor vaccinology, including approaches to augmenting the antibody and T cell response to defined cancer antigens.

Milind Rajadhyaksha

Optical engineer Milind Rajadhyaksha studies confocal microscopy for the imaging of cancer, technology development, and translational and clinical studies in skin and head and neck cancers.

Pictured: Shyam Rao
Shyam S. Rao

Physician-scientist Shyam Rao studies the role of the tumor microenvironment in tumorigenesis and response to radiation therapy.

Pictured: Thomas Reiner
Thomas Reiner

Imaging specialist Thomas Reiner focuses on the development of novel imaging probes for both PET imaging and optical imaging technologies.

Pictured: Jorge S. Reis-Filho
Jorge S. Reis-Filho

Physician-scientist Jorge Reis-Filho focuses on the development of a predictive molecular classification for rare types of breast cancer and characterization of intratumor genetic heterogeneity in breast cancers.

Pictured: Charles Rudin
Charles M. Rudin

Physician-scientist Charles Rudin focuses on the development and testing of novel therapeutic approaches to lung cancer in preclinical models.

Charles L. Sawyers

Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program Chair Charles Sawyers develops molecularly targeted cancer therapy.

Adam Schmitt
Adam Schmitt

Physician-scientist Adam Schmitt studies how long noncoding RNAs regulate cellular stress responses and tumor development.

Nikolaus Schultz
Nikolaus Schultz

Cancer biologist Nikolaus Schultz uses computational tools to study the diversity of genomic alterations underlying different cancer types.

Pictured: Samuel Singer
Samuel Singer

Physician-scientist Samuel Singer studies the genomic alterations that define new targets for therapy in sarcoma.

Pictured: Bhuvanesh Singh
Bhuvanesh Singh

Physician-scientist Bhuvanesh Singh focuses on delineating the role of ubiquitination in cancer pathogenesis.

Pictured: David Solit
David B. Solit

Physician-scientist David Solit studies human oncology and pathogenesis, genomics, oncogenes and tumor suppressors, cancer therapeutics, and clinical trials.

Pictured: David Spriggs
David R. Spriggs

Physician-scientist David Spriggs studies the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance in ovarian cancer.

Pictured: Viviane Tabar
Viviane Tabar

Physician-scientist Viviane Tabar focuses on stem cells as tools for brain repair and for modeling brain cancer.

Pictured: Laura H. Tang
Laura H. Tang

Physician-scientist Laura Tang studies the molecular pathogenesis of cell transformation in neuroendocrine neoplasms of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas and adenocarcinomas of the stomach and gastrointestinal junction.

Pictured: Barry Taylor
Barry S. Taylor

Researcher Barry Taylor focuses on defining the somatic abnormalities that mediate the genesis, progression, and response to therapy of human cancers.

Sunitha B. Thakur, PhD
Sunitha B. Thakur

Medical physicist Sunitha Thakur focuses on MR biomarkers for early detection and monitoring response to treatment.

Pictured: Wolfgang Weber
Wolfgang A. Weber

Physician-scientist Wolfgang Weber specializes in imaging and therapy, with a focus on the translation of novel drugs, imaging agents, and methodologies from bench to bedside.

Pictured: Martin R. Weiser
Martin R. Weiser

Physician-scientist Martin Weiser investigates the mechanisms underlying tumor spread and metastasis and how these mechanisms could be targeted.

Pictured: Richard Wong
Richard J. Wong

Physician-scientist Richard Wong studies the mechanisms of cancer cell chemotaxis in perineural invasion.

Pictured: Sam Yoon
Sam S. Yoon

Physician-scientist Sam Yoon studies the role of tumor microenvironment in the progression and radiation response of sarcomas and gastric cancer.

Pictured: James Young
James W. Young

Physician-scientist James Young studies innate and adaptive immunity against tumors and viruses stimulated by human dendritic cells.

Pictured: Pat Zanzonico
Pat B. Zanzonico

Medical physicist Pat Zanzonico focuses on radionuclide-based methods for detecting and localizing tumor hypoxia, immune effector-cell trafficking, patient-specific dosimetry for radionuclide therapies, and small-animal and molecular imaging.