Memorial Sloan Kettering Nassau Art Walk

Welcome to the MSK Nassau Art Walk. You will see artworks by local artists, as well as those who are nationally and internationally known. The collection focuses on nature and bringing beauty, light, and energy inside. Coastal and garden elements reference Long Island sites. Abstract works explore color and shape and dimension. We hope that each work brings joy to viewers while enlivening the building.

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“It is a distinct privilege to curate the fine art collection you see throughout the building. Each artist here uses their process to bring forth a unique perspective. We have focused on art that engages the viewer with color, beauty, form, and style. We hope you find the work to be uplifting as well as restorative.”

— Cade Tompkins, Curator

Pattern Blue Green by Petra Rös-Nickel

Pattern Blue Green by Petra Rös-Nickel. © Petra Rös-Nickel, Photographer unknown