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A Phase II Study of Chemotherapy and Chemoradiation Followed by Surgery or Non-Operative Management in Patients with Stage II or III Rectal Cancer
[Protocol 13-213]
Garcia-Aguilar, Julio
  • Colorectal Cancer
    • Rectal Cancer
A Phase II Study of CMV-Immune T cells for the Treatment of Cytomegalovirus Infection after Stem Cell Transplantation
Newly Diagnosed & Relapsed/Refractory
[Protocol 12-086]
O'Reilly, Richard
  • Blood & Marrow Stem Cell Transplantation
    • Post-Transplant
A Phase II Study of CO-1686 in Patients with Previously Treated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Containing an EGFR T790M Mutation
[Protocol 14-084]
Yu, Helena
  • Lung Cancer, Non-Small Cell
A Phase II Study of Combination Chemotherapy with and without Low-Dose Whole-Brain Radiation for Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma
[Protocol 11-125]
Omuro, Antonio
  • Lymphoma
    • Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  • Pediatric Brain Tumors
    • CNS Cancer
A Phase II Study of Concurrent Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Paclitaxel, and Pazopanib/Placebo for the Treatment of Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer
[Protocol 10-186]
Sherman, Eric
  • Thyroid Cancer
A Phase II Study of Concurrent Radiation and Chemotherapy versus Radiation Alone in Resected High-Risk Malignant Salivary Gland Tumors
[Protocol 11-005]
Lee, Nancy
  • Head & Neck Cancer
A Phase II Study of Cyclophosphamide, Topotecan, and Bevacizumab in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Ewing's Sarcoma and Neuroblastoma
Newly Diagnosed & Relapsed/Refractory
[Protocol 11-183]
Trippett, Tanya
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Primary Bone
    • Ewing's Sarcoma
  • Sarcomas
    • Ewing's Sarcoma
    • Soft Tissue Sarcoma
A Phase II Study of Dabrafenib After Surgery in Patients with BRAF V600 Mutation-Positive Stage IIIC Melanoma
[Protocol 12-124]
Chapman, Paul
  • Melanoma
A Phase II Study of Dacarbazine with and without Selumetinib to Treat Metastatic Uveal Melanoma
[Protocol 14-033]
Carvajal, Richard
  • Melanoma
    • Melanoma of the Eye
A Phase II Study of Dalantercept for Treating Recurrent or Persistent Ovarian, Fallopian Tube, or Primary Peritoneal Cancer
[Protocol 13-109]
Makker, Vicky
  • Ovarian Cancer
A Phase II Study of Dasatinib in Children and Adolescents Newly Diagnosed with Chronic Phase CML or with Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Leukemias Resistant to or Intolerant of Imatinib
[Protocol 11-030]
Shukla, Neerav
  • Leukemia
    • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
    • Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia
A Phase II Study of Dasatinib in Patients with Inoperable Locally Advanced or Metastatic c-KIT-Positive Acral or Mucosal Melanoma
[Protocol 13-100]
Leitao, Mario
  • Melanoma
  • Vulvar Cancer
A Phase II Study of Dasatinib to Treat Recurrent Clear Cell Cancer of the Ovaries or Endometrium
[Protocol 14-008]
Hyman, David
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer
A Phase II Study of Degarelix plus Ipilimumab with Radical Prostatectomy in Men Newly Diagnosed with Metastatic Prostate Cancer
[Protocol 13-134]
Autio, Karen
  • Prostate Cancer
A Phase II Study of Docetaxel Alone or with OGX-427 in Patients with Recurrent or Refractory Urothelial Cancers
[Protocol 13-127]
Rosenberg, Jonathan
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Kidney Cancer
A Phase II Study of Dose-Adjusted EPOCH Chemotherapy with or without Rituximab in Patients with Untreated Burkitt Lymphoma, Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, or Plasmablastic Lymphoma
[Protocol 13-022]
Noy, Ariela
  • Lymphoma
    • Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
A Phase II Study of Dose-Dense Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide followed by Eribulin Mesylate for the Adjuvant Treatment of Early-Stage Breast Cancer
[Protocol 10-190]
Traina, Tiffany
  • Breast Cancer
A Phase II Study of Enzalutamide in Patients with Advanced or Recurrent Androgen Receptor-Positive Ovarian Cancer
[Protocol 13-119]
Grisham, Rachel
  • Ovarian Cancer
A Phase II Study of Enzalutamide in Women with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer that Contains the Androgen Receptor
[Protocol 13-158]
Traina, Tiffany
  • Breast Cancer
A Phase II Study of Everolimus, Leuprolide/Letrozole, and Everolimus/Leuprolide/Letrozole in Patients with Inoperable Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Newly Diagnosed & Relapsed/Refractory
[Protocol 11-211]
Abou-Alfa, Ghassan
  • Hepatobiliary
    • Liver Cancer