Glenn Heller, PhD

Attending Biostatistician
Office Phone:
New York University

Current Research Interests

Dr. Heller's current research interests include the design and analysis of phase II clinical trials and the analysis of survival data. For the analysis of phase II studies, he has developed a test statistic that adjusts for patient risk and improves the accuracy of the test for treatment efficacy relative to conventional tests. In survival analysis, Dr. Heller has developed a new measure of predictive accuracy, based on the concept of explained randomness that can be applied to risk models with survival data. Dr. Heller is involved in the design and analysis of laboratory and clinical studies emanating from the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Surgery. He is the primary statistician for NIH grants in bone marrow transplantation and prostate cancer.

Publications by Glenn Heller

Heller G. A measure of explained risk in the proportional hazards model. Biostatistics 2011; (in press).

Heller G. Proportional hazards regression with interval censored data using an inverse probability weight. Lifetime Data Analysis 17:373-385, 2011.

Heller G. Smoothed Rank Regression with Censored Data. Journal of the American Statistical Association 102; 552-559, 2007.

Heller G, Qin J. Inference on the limiting false discovery rate and the p-value threshold parameter assuming weak dependence between gene expression levels within subject. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology. 6:Article 14, 2007.

Heller G. Power calculations for preclinical studies using a K-sample rank test and the Lehmann alternative hypothesis. Statistics in Medicine 25: 2543-2553, 2006.