The activities of the Biostatistics faculty have traditionally fallen into three broad categories: long-term collaborative projects, short-term consulting, and research on new statistical methods.

Current long-term collaborative projects include: NIH-funded program projects in soft tissue sarcoma, ovarian cancer, bone marrow transplantation, clinical immunology, and cancer chemotherapy. Other important collaborations include PET scanning and the medical treatment of prostate cancer.

Short-term projects include, but are not limited to, protocol design, grant applications, and statistical analysis. We also provide randomized treatment allocations in collaboration with the Pharmacy.

Our biostatisticians are members of multi-disciplinary research teams. We firmly believe that collaborative support and the development of methodological innovations go hand in hand. Many staff members pursue research interests in statistical methodology. Our interests span cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment (clinical trials) as well as specialized research in survival analysis, statistical genetics, and computer, intensive methods.

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