The focus of research in my lab is on the genetics of cancer and the development of new therapies. We want to understand how genetic lesions incurred during tumor evolution impact responses to conventional therapy and if they provide opportunities for new therapies.

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Pictured: Hans-Guido Wendel

Hans-Guido Wendel, MD

Associate Member

Associate Professor

Research Focus

Cancer biologist Hans-Guido Wendel focuses on modeling the genetics of tumor initiation, progression, and treatment response in vivo.


MD, Medical School of the Technical University of Aachen

Lab Members


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Selected Achievements

  • Identification of an eIF4A dependent mechanism that controls the production of key onocproteins including c-MYC (2014).
  • Development of a rational combination therapy for high-risk follicular lymphoma (2014).
  • Generation of a cell engineering strategy to enhance the safe use of stem cells for therapy (2014).
  • Member, American Society for Clinical Investigation (2013)
  • Identification and therapeutic delivery of the soluble tumor suppressor EphA7 in lymphoma
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  • Development of genetically and pathologically accurate model of follicular lymphoma
  • Definition of network of onogenic microRNAs in T cell leukemia
  • Development of genetic screen to define key targets of onocgenic microRNAs in T cell leukemia
  • Identification of the onocgenic property of the eIF4E translation factor
  • Identification of eIF4E phosphorylation as a therapeutic target in cancer