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Ellen Horste
From Basic Science to Biotech: One MSK Alum’s Journey
Learn how GSK graduate Dr. Ellen Horste’s time investigating fundamental biological questions prepared her for a career in the emerging field of gene therapy.
Pancreatic cancer cells
MSK Discovery Suggests Opportunity to Improve Effectiveness of KRAS Inhibitors Against Pancreatic Cancer
MSK researchers have discovered a new mechanism of resistance to KRAS inhibitors that suggests an opportunity to make the treatment more effective.
detail shot of specimen slides
MSK Research Highlights, July 8, 2024
New MSK research developed a deep-learning model designed to aid challenging cancer diagnoses; identified key regulators of infection-clearing immune cells; and shed new light on the mechanical forces exerted by immune cells.
A researcher pipettes in the lab
MSK Research Highlights, June 25, 2024
New MSK research helped develop a machine-learning tool to help find cancer cells that remain after surgery; led to FDA approval for CAR T cell therapy against mantle cell lymphoma; tested a liquid biopsy approach that shows promise in detecting lung cancer; found checkpoint inhibitors were effective against endometrial and ovarian cancers with DNA-repair deficiency; and shed new light on mTOR's role in metabolic enzyme degradation.
Joseph Sun and Rebecca Delconte
Fasting Primes the Immune System’s Natural Killer Cells to Better Fight Cancer, New Study in Mice Finds
Animal model research from MSK has shown for the first time that fasting can reprogram the metabolism of natural killer cells, helping them to survive in the harsh environment in and around tumors, while also improving their cancer-fighting ability.
Michael Kharas
RNA Biology, Stem Cells, and Cancer: At Work with MSK’s Michael Kharas
An inside look at the research of MSK's Dr. Michael Kharas, whose work on RNA biology is shedding new light on cancer.
An MSK scientist peers through a microscope
MSK Research Highlights, May 24, 2024
New research from MSK investigates a promising approach against diabetic retinopathy and finds patients with early-onset colorectal cancer likely don’t need more frequent surveillance colonoscopies.
Detail shot of a nurse holding hands with a patient
MSK Research Highlights, May 10, 2024
New MSK research measures unscheduled healthcare interactions in multiple myeloma patients receiving T cell redirection therapies; investigates oral bacteria’s link to gut microbiota depletion with implications for cancer patients; and shows how a universal opt-out approach could help more cancer patients quit smoking.
A researcher looks at a computer screen with the MSK logo
MSK Research Highlights, April 26, 2024
New MSK research provides two examples of computational tools developed at MSK that leverage data about cells’ locations to expand our understanding of cancer.
MSK hematologist-oncologist Jae Park and MSK physician-scientist Michel Sadelain
New CAR T Cell Clinical Trial for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Is First of Its Kind
Learn how a new kind of CAR T cell therapy could be a major advance for treating acute myeloid leukemia.