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A scientist pipetting in a lab
MSK Research Highlights, March 9, 2023
New research from MSK offers new proof-of-concept compounds against acute myeloid leukemia; reports results from a phase 1 clinical trial appraising two drugs against low- grade glioma; examines MSK’s first-in-the-nation program integrating herbal medicine into oncology care; and identifies how high-grade histologic patterns in lymph node metastases could better predict lung cancer outcomes.
MSK physician-scientists Michele Sadelain, Isabelle Riviere, and Jae Park
Testing CRISPR-Edited CAR T Cell Therapy in Lymphoma Clinical Trial
A groundbreaking clinical trial is testing CAR T cells created using CRISPR gene-editing technology.
SKI biomedical engineer Dr. Daniel Heller
Getting Drugs Across the Blood-Brain Barrier Using Nanoparticles
Learn how MSK researchers are investigating the use of nanoparticles to carry drugs across the blood-brain barrier.
A scientist holds a box of frozen samples
MSK Research Highlights, February 23, 2023
New research from MSK offers a window into patients’ complex decision-making around adjuvant therapy, explores the promise of engineered CAR T cells, highlights the success of a summer research program to support groups underrepresented in science, and more.
MSK Awards & Appointments January 2023
MSK Awards & Appointments January 2023
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) announces the following awards and appointments.
Robin Bankins
FDA Approves First Treatment for Patients With All Forms of Histiocytosis
Based a clinical trial conducted at MSK, the FDA has approved the targeted drug cobimetinib (Cotellic®) for treating a rare group of diseases known as histiocytoses, or histiocytic neoplasms in adults.
detail shot of a scientist pipetting in a lab
MSK Research Highlights, January 20, 2023
New research from MSK explores novel predictors of immunotherapy effectiveness against lung cancer; identifies how a high-fat diet hinders intestinal damage repair; reports findings from a clinical trial for people with androgen receptor-positive salivary gland cancer; and aims to understand the impact of tumor mutational burden on patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer.
Dr. John Chodera in his lab
Shooting for the Moon: How the Drive To Tackle COVID-19 Will Speed Up Cancer Drug Discovery
During the pandemic, Dr. John Chodera’s lab shifted gears to help find new drugs against COVID-19. Learn how lessons from the effort are already aiding in the search for new cancer drugs.
three tobacco hornworm caterpillars held in a scientist's hand
Move Over, Mice: Caterpillars Could Replace Some Mammals in the Study of Human Disease
How scientists are working to develop nonmammalian alternatives that could reduce the number of rodents used in biomedical research.
Medical oncologist and scientist Marcel van den Brink
Your Gut Microbiome: How To Improve It, Its Effects on the Immune System, and More
In this story, an expert in the gut microbiome answers common questions about how your gut microbiota impacts your health, how to protect it, and the impact it has on diseases like cancer.