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Lab worker dressed in “bunny suit” working with machine.
A New Immunotherapy Discovery: Putting a HIT on Elusive Cancer Cells
A new type of engineered immune cell could be a potent treatment for cancers that have escaped other immunotherapies.
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Luis Parada in his lab
Why Do Brain Tumors Often Return After Treatment? MSK Researchers Say Stem Cells May Be Key
In a new study, MSK researchers looked at why glioblastoma brain tumors usually come back after treatment. Their findings suggest that a subset of cells — cancer stem cells — are able to evade current treatments because they are not actively dividing, and that these cells later form new tumors.
Separate headshots of three researchers — Diana Mandelker, Jorge Reis-Filho, and Fresia Pareja
How a Mishap in Early Development Can Lead to a Lifetime of Cancer Risk
MSK researchers have found mutations that arise in embryos can convey a risk of cancer that’s similar to what’s seen in people with inherited cancer mutations.
SKI scientists David Scheinberg and Derek Tan
Sloan Kettering Institute Scientists Retool CAR T Cells to Serve as ‘Micropharmacies’ for Cancer Drugs
These souped-up versions may help overcome some limitations of existing CAR T cells.
A scientist holding a tube in a lab
Sloan Kettering Institute Year in Review: 10 Noteworthy Science Breakthroughs of 2021
Take a look back at some of the biggest science stories from this past year.
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Kalina Belcheva, Teddy Yewdell, Jayanta Chaudhuri, and Ryan Smolkin standing together in a lab
SKI Research Reveals New Insights into Immune Response to Viral Infections — Including COVID-19
Research from Sloan Kettering Institute immunologists suggests that the body may mount an immune response to respiratory viruses that lasts longer than previously thought. The discovery could impact the timing of COVID-19 vaccinations.
SKI immunologist Andrea Schietinger
Discovery of a Stem-like T Cell in Type 1 Diabetes Holds Potential for Improving Cancer Immunotherapy, Sloan Kettering Institute Scientists Say
As an autoimmune disease, Type 1 diabetes raises important questions about immune cell activity that have broad implications for immunotherapy.
In the Lab
Maria Jasin
Sloan Kettering Institute Researchers Discover One Way Genetic Mutations Occur During Formation of Eggs and Sperm
Investigators have employed mutant mice to study how the accumulation of genetic errors is managed during egg and sperm formation.
Yonina Murciano-Goroff, Jenny Xue, Bob Li, Piro Lito, and Yulei Zhao.
MSK Researchers Are Learning Why Some Patients Develop Resistance to ‘Landmark’ Lung Cancer Drug
A paper from MSK researchers reports that resistance to sotorasib, a new targeted drug for lung cancer, can be caused by many different molecular changes.
MSK cancer biologist Triparna Sen
Scientists Learn More about How Lung Cancer Becomes Resistant to Drugs
By switching from one cellular identity to another, lung cancer cells can evade targeted therapies. MSK scientists are trying to stop that from happening.