Pictured: Joan Massagué
Joan Massagué

Chief Scientific Officer; Director, Sloan Kettering Institute; Member, Cancer Biology & Genetics Program; Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Chair

Carol Slattery
Carol Slattery

VP, SKI Administration

Ushma Neill
Ushma Neill

Vice President, Scientific Education & Training

Dana Pe'er, PhD
Dana Pe'er

Chair, Computational and Systems Biology Program, SKI; Scientific Director, Alan and Sandra Gerry Metastasis and Tumor Ecosystems Center; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Alan and Sandra Gerry Endowed Chair

Derek Tan, research lab head
Derek Tan

Chair, Chemical Biology Program, SKI; Tri-Institutional Professor; Eugene W. Kettering Chair

David Scheinberg
David A. Scheinberg

Chair, Center for Experimental Therapeutics, MSK; Deputy Director, Sloan Kettering Institute, for Therapeutic Discovery

Scott Lowe
Scott W. Lowe

Chair, Cancer Biology & Genetics Program, SKI; Chair, Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Omar Abdel-Wahab
Omar Abdel-Wahab

Chair of Molecular Pharmacology

Michael S. Glickman
Michael S. Glickman

Director, Center for Experimental Immuno-Oncology; Member, Immunology Program, SKI; Attending Physician, Memorial Hospital; Alfred Sloan Chair

Pictured: John Petrini
John Petrini

Chair, Molecular Biology Program, SKI; Director, The Functional Genomics Initiative; Paul A. Marks Chair in Molecular Cell Biology

Tobias Walther
Tobias Walther

Chair, Cell Biology Program, SKI

Iestyn Whitehouse, PhD
Iestyn Whitehouse

Director of the Center for Epigenetics Research (CER)

Pictured: Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis
Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis

Chair, Developmental Biology Program, SKI; Alfred P. Sloan Chair

Alexander Rudensky, PhD
Alexander Rudensky

Chair, Immunology Program, SKI; Director, Ludwig Center at MSK

Christopher Lima
Christopher D. Lima

Member and Chair, Structural Biology Program, SKI; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Alfred P. Sloan Chair

Robert Benezra
Robert Benezra

Deputy Director for Core Technologies

Luis Parada
Luis F. Parada

Director, Brain Tumor Center

Pictured: Michel Sadelain
Michel Sadelain

Stephen and Barbara Friedman Chair; Director, Center for Cell Engineering

Pictured: Dr. Lorenz Studer
Lorenz Studer

Director, Center for Stem Cell Biology