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BS, University of Toronto

Science never ends, and I love the idea that a career in science will continually demand more of you, evolve with you, and continuously challenge you to become smarter, think differently, learn new skills, and interact with new colleagues. Although science gives you the flexibility to change your field and research interests throughout your career, there is a clear set of steps to one day having your own lab. When embarking on the PhD stage, apply to the institutions where the research community thrives and collaborations are the rule, not the exception. I chose Gerstner Sloan Kettering precisely because of everyone’s willingness to help each other out. Students and PIs alike are very generous with their time and insight. Also, I can still go to parts of New York City I’ve never been to before and be completely lost — I love that.


Grayer Fellowship (2012-2013)

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Postgraduate Scholarship (2011-2012)