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Ana Gradissimo

Founded in 2009, the Molecular Microbiology Facility (MMF), currently supported by the van den Brink Laboratory, is a comprehensive resource for microbiome research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), providing researchers with a cost-effective, high-throughput processing of biological microbiome samples.

The MMF manages a Fecal Biobank and stores and catalogues thousands of human stool samples from patients at MSKCC collected under protocols and clinical trials. The laboratory specializes in methodologies optimized to investigate the microbial composition of human or experimental mouse samples.

We provide services ranging from nucleic acid extraction to bacterial/fungal amplicon sequencing or metagenomics using Illumina platforms in collaboration with the Integrated Genomics Operation (IGO). The MMF supports investigators pursuing basic and clinical research interests in analyzing the microbiota of the small and large intestines, feces, saliva and oral mucosal surfaces, urogenital tract, and skin.

Investigators wishing to utilize our shared facility to bank research specimens or process samples should submit all requests through iLab or submit inquiries via email to Ana Gradissimo at [email protected] . External investigators can also use our iLab account for request submission.

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Luigi Amoretti, Research Technician
Luigi Amoretti

Sr. Research Technician

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Bioinformatics Software Engineer I

Minsu Jaun

Research Assistant

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Senior Research Technician

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Emily Fontana

Lab Manager

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Eric Littmann

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Stephanie Tong

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Roberta Wright

Sr. Research Technician

Zachary Kluger

Research Technician, Molecular Microbiology Facility

Zachary Kluger

Research Technician

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Mergim Gjonbalaj

Research Study Assistant

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