Proteomics Innovation Laboratory


Mara Monetti
Director, Proteomics Innovation Laboratory

The Proteomics Innovation Laboratory (PIL) has been established to develop proteomic methodologies and approaches to enable cutting edge science for our MSK community.

The rapid progresses in the field of proteomics allow scientists to address biological questions that could not be addressed only a few years ago. However, there are still questions that cannot be addressed by the current capabilities of the Proteomics Core. For example, ‘What is the protein composition of one cell in a complex population of cells, such as a tumor?’ What is the cell-to-cell variation of protein abundance?’

In addition, being a rapidly evolving technology makes proteomics difficult to be developed in the context of a service core, such as the Proteomics Core.

Embedded in the Proteomics Core, the PIL is the R&D section for proteomics.

Some of the areas of interest of the PIL are:

  • single cell proteomics
  • deep visual proteomics
  • immunopeptidomics

The PIL operates in a highly collaborative environment with scientists across MSK-SKI from basic biology to translational science.

We rely on our community to introduce innovation based on their needs and we are interested in identifying opportunities to collaborate with you.


Mara Monetti

Director, Proteomics Innovation Laboratory

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