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Junhong Choi
Junhong Choi, PhD
Assistant Member

The Choi Lab develops new synthetic biology tools to study cell-fate decisions in development. During development, cells differentiate into various cell types with distinct functions. To understand how different cell types are made, we need a tool to observe cells’ previous and current states, as well as the sequence of events they undergo. We focus on developing such new tools through:

  1. Cellular engineering
  2. Molecular circuitry
  3. DNA as an information storage medium, and
  4. Synthetic models for cellular development

These novel tools will provide new insights into understanding cell-fate decisions and facilitate cellular engineering for future therapy.

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Research Projects

Publications Highlights

Junhong Choi#, Wei Chen, Anna Minkina, Florence M. Chardon, Chase C. Suiter, Samuel G. Regalado, Silvia Domcke, Nobuhiko Hamazaki, Choli Lee, Beth Martin, Riza M. Daza, Jay Shendure#. “A time-resolved, multi-symbol molecular recorder via sequential genome editing” Nature 608, 98-107 (2022)

Wei Chen*,#, Junhong Choi*, Jenny F. Nathans, Vikram Agarwal, Beth Martin, Eva Nichols, Anh Leith, Choli Lee, Jay Shendure#. “Multiplex genomic recording of enhancer and signal transduction activity in mammalian cells” bioRxiv (preprint) (2021)

Junhong Choi#, Wei Chen, Hanna Liao, Xiaoyi Li, Jay Shendure#. “A molecular proximity sensor based on an engineered, dual-component guide RNA” bioRxiv (preprint) (2023)

Junhong Choi*,#, Wei Chen*, Chase C. Suiter, Choli Lee, Florence M. Chardon, Wei Yang, Anh Leith, Riza M. Daza, Beth Martin, Jay Shendure#. “Precise genome deletions using paired prime editing” Nature Biotechnology 40, 218-226 (2021)

Xiaoyi Li, Wei Chen, Beth K. Martin, Diego Calderon, Choli Lee, Junhong Choi, Florence M. Chardon, Troy McDiarmid, Haedong Kim, Jean-Benoit Lalanne, Jenny F. Nathans, Jay Shendure. “Chromatin context-dependent regulation and epigenetic manipulation of prime editing” bioRxiv (preprint) (2023)

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Junhong Choi

Junhong Choi, PhD

Assistant Member

  • The Choi Lab develops new synthetic biology tools to study cell-fate decisions in development.
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Stephanie Martinez

Administrative Assistant

Lab Affiliations


  • Damon Runyon-Dale F. Frey Award for Breakthrough Scientists (2024-2026)
  • K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award (2023-2027)
  • Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fellowship (2020-2023)
  • Stanford Bio-X Graduate Fellowship (2015-2018)

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