The Iestyn Whitehouse Lab

The goals of our research are to understand how chromatin states are established and maintained and to understand how chromatin regulates transcription. We use a combination of biochemical, molecular biological, and genomics approaches.

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Pictured: Iestyn Whitehouse

Iestyn Whitehouse, PhD

Associate Professor

Research Focus

Molecular biologist Iestyn Whitehouse investigates chromatin structure and the function of ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling enzymes.


PhD, The University of Dundee


  • High-resolution mapping of DNA replication dynamics in S. cerevisiae. McGuffee S, Smith D, Whitehouse I. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Intrinsic Coupling of Lagging Strand Synthesis to Chromatin Assembly. Smith D, Whitehouse I. Nature, 2012. In press.
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