The Richard Hite Lab

Our research group is focused upon determining the mechanisms of intracellular ion transport with a particular focus upon the lysosome. We use a variety of structural and biophysical tools including cryo-electron microscopy, X-ray crystallography and electrophysiology to characterize these channels.

The Richard Hite Lab

Richard Hite, PhD

Assistant Professor

Research Focus

Structural biologist Richard Hite studies the mechanisms of intracellular ion transport.


PhD – Harvard University


  • Oldham ML, Hite RK, Steffen AM, Damko E, Li Z, Walz T, Chen J. “A mechanism of viral immune evasion revealed by cryo-EM analysis of the TAP transporter.” Nature. 2016. 529:537-540.
  • Hite RK, Yuan P, Li Z, Hsuing Y, Walz T, MacKinnon R. “Cryo-EM structure of Slo2.2 Na+-activated K+ channel.” Nature. 2015. 527:198-203.
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