Antibody & Bioresource: Overview

Antibody & Bioresource: Overview


The Antibody and Bioresource Core Facility supports researchers by making it easier for them to develop new monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). This is accomplished by being an informational resource as well as by providing various services.

New MAbs

Primary Services

The facility works with researchers to generate new custom MAbs by offering:

  • Consultation on designing immunogens and relevant screening assays.
  • Immunization of mice, rats or hamsters.
  • Fusing B cells to myelomas to create immortal, MAb secreting hybridomas.
  • Maintenance of the newly immortalized hybridomas during the screening process.
  • Subcloning hybridoma populations that recognize the antigen of interest to create stable cell lines.

Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers may search online in a growing bank of over 100 hybridomas the facility keeps in a general stock. MAbs are produced in vitro (bioreactor supernatant) and also available as purified antibody.

  • Bioreactor Supernatants
    • MAb concentration range is 0.5 to 4.5 mg/ml
    • Production scale is 50 to 2000 mgs, but smaller quantities may be in stock
    • Contain very low levels of bovine Ig
    • Very low endotoxin levels
    • Stored sterile and azide-free
  • Purified Antibody
    • MAb concentration is > 1 mg/ml
    • MAb purity is > 95 percent
    • Stored in PBS, sterile and azide-free

Mycoplasma Testing

Mycoplasma Testing

The facility screens research samples weekly for the presence of mycoplasma / ureoplasma contamination.

Cell Line Distribution Service

The Antibody and Bioresource Core Facility distributes cell lines developed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and The Rockefeller University.

Cell Line Distribution

All cell lines deposited with the facility after 2013:

  • Tested negative for mycoplasma
  • Passed cell line specific tests to access the quality of the culture, such as karyotyping stem cells
  • Come with the STR profile for the cell lines and a comprehensive information sheet

Send all inquires to [email protected].