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Career Opportunities

Postdoctoral Openings

We are seeking highly motivated individuals for postdoctoral positions to join us in developing cutting-edge techniques aimed at gaining a mechanistic understanding of fundamental biological processes. Major emphasis is placed on development of novel single-molecule detection and manipulation instrumentation that pushes the envelop in sensitivity as well as in spatial and temporal resolution. Current projects focus on real-time, in-vivo super-resolution optical nanoscopy and on deep-tissue, chemically-selective non-linear optical imaging. Another area of interest involves high-precision combined single-molecule fluorescence/optical force- and torque-spectroscopy.

Successful applicants will fully utilize the superb technological capabilities of the lab and apply the tools developed to outstanding biological questions. Ongoing projects include: molecular recognition and fidelity mechanisms of DNA replication, mRNA transcription and protein synthesis machines; gene expression and DNA damage response pathways in the context of the nuclear interior; dynamic organization of biological membranes at the nano-scale with emphasis on the early steps of cell-signaling; trafficking at nerve terminals and regulation of synaptic transmission.