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Mary Baylies, PhD
Mary Baylies, PhD

Developmental biologist Mary Baylies studies the mechanisms that form and maintain muscle both during normal development and in disease.


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Windner SE, Manhart A, Brown A, Mogilner A, Baylies MK. (2019.) Nuclear Scaling Is Coordinated among Individual Nuclei in Multinucleated Muscle Fibers. Dev Cell. Apr 8;49(1):48-62.e3. Featured as a cover image and in a Preview.

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Mary Baylies, PhD

Mary Baylies, PhD

  • The Baylies laboratory studies the mechanisms that form and maintain muscle both during normal development and in disease.
  • PhD, The Rockefeller University
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Mary Baylies, PhD
Mary Baylies


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  • Identified that global, regional, and local inputs contribute to nuclear size regulation in multinucleated skeletal muscle fibers.
  • Demonstrated that properly placed nuclei are critical for healthy muscle function.
  • Discovered that microtubules are critical for the movement and positioning of nuclei in the multinucleated skeletal muscle cell.
  • Developed Drosophila models of muscle wasting in cancer cachexia and aging.
  • Identified how actin filament dysregulation contributes to skeletal muscle dysfunction in models of nemaline myopathy.
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  • Developed a Drosophila model for metastasis in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of soft tissue cancer most often seen in children.
  • Described how nuclear polarization occurs during myonuclear movement in vivo.
  • Completed the first spatial and temporal characterization of an F-actin structure that forms at the myoblast fusion site.
  • Identified transcription factors and chromatin regulators that are critical for muscle identity.
  • Identified 3-D arrangement of myoblasts that occur during muscle specification and morphogenesis.
  • Discovered signal transduction pathways (Notch, Wnt, BMP, and RTK) and transcription factors that are critical for muscle identity.
  • President of the Society for Muscle Development (2009-2013).
  • Frederick Adler Chair for Junior Faculty (1997-2003).

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