Darren Veach, PhD

Assistant Attending Chemist

Darren Veach

Tyrosine kinases often play pivotal roles in the pathogenesis of cancer and are good candidates for therapeutic intervention and targeted molecular imaging. Today’s kinase-targeted drugs are at the forefront of precision medicine and offer a much improved risk-to-benefit ratio for patients as compared to conventional chemotherapy. Companion diagnostics are often co-developed with these drugs and serve to accelerate development of these often niche drugs. A major focus of our lab is to develop these companion diagnostics, particularly for use in PET imaging, a very powerful, quantitative, non-invasive method for observing drug behavior in living systems. In our lab, many areas of medical science are brought to bear to address this challenging task: here, we operate at the nexus of molecular biology, chemistry, radiochemistry, medical physics and medicine. Here are some examples of the drugs (radiopharmaceuticals) and their indications that we are studying: