The Minkui Luo Lab

The projects of this laboratory aim to leverage cutting-edge approaches in combination of chemistry and biology to annotate, perturb and manipulate essential functions of protein methyltransferases implicated in epigenetic biology and cancer. The Luo laboratory is also interested in designing and synthesizing inhibitors as potential anti-cancer drugs with the emphasis of their distinct modes of action and wise uses in relevant disease contexts. Researchers in the field of chemistry, biochemistry and biology work in a highly collaborative manner to synthesize novel chemical reagents, elucidate disease-causing mechanisms at molecular levels, and develop potential treatments for human diseases.

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Minkui Luo, PhD

Minkui Luo, PhD


Research Focus

Chemical Biologist Minkui Luo develops cutting-edge tools, technologies and concepts to annotate functions of protein-posttranslational modifications and designs inhibitors for cancer therapies.


  • BS, Fudan University
  • PhD, Princeton University

Lab Members

  • Joshua A. Linscott, Kanishk Kapilashrami, Zhen Wang, Chamara Senevirathne, Ian R. Bothwell, Gil Blum, Minkui Luo, “Kinetic Isotope Effects Reveal Early SN2 Transition State of SET8-catalyzed Protein Lysine Methylation”, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2016, 113, E8369.
  • Zhang L, Tran NT, Su H, Wang R, Lu Y, Tang H, Aoyagi S, Guo A, Khodadadi-Jamayran A, Zhou D, Qian K, Hricik T, Côté J, Han X, Zhou W, Laha S, Abdel-Wahab O, Levine RL, Raffel G, Liu Y, Chen D, Li H, Townes T, Wang H, Deng H, Zheng YG, Leslie C, Luo M, Zhao X. “Cross-talk between PRMT1-mediated methylation and ubiquitylation on RBM15 controls RNA splicing”, Elife, 2015, e07938
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Selected Achievements
  • Eli Lilly Award in Biological Chemistry, American Chemical Society (2015)
  • Clinical & Translational Science Center Novel Award, Weill Cornell Medical College (2014)
  • Basil O'Connor Starter Scholar, March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation (2011)
  • Director’s New Innovator Award, National Institutes of Health (2010)
  • Alfred W. Bressler Scholar, Alfred W. Bressler Scholars Endowment Fund (2010)
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  • V Scholar Award, V Foundation for Cancer Research (2009)
  • Outstanding Postdoctoral Research Prize, Albert Einstein College of Medicine (2007)