Nikola Pavletich Lab Group

Our research group is interested in the structural biology of pathways that are altered in cancer, with particular emphasis on pathways that control the growth and proliferation of the cell. In cancer, mutations and other alterations in these pathways lead to the uncoupling of cell growth from growth-regulatory signals and contribute to the unrestricted proliferation of the tumor cell.

Pictured: Dr. Nikola Pavletich

Nikola P. Pavletich, PhD


Research Focus

The Pavletich laboratory studies the structural biology of oncogenes and tumor suppressors.


PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Lab Members

  • Yang, H., Rudge, D.G., Koos, J.D., Vaidialingam, B., Yang, H.J. & Pavletich, N.P. mTOR kinase structure, mechanism and regulation. Nature 497, 217-223 (2013).
  • Wang, R., Persky, N., Yoo, B., Ouerfelli, O., Smogorzewska, A., Elledge, S. J. & Pavletich, N.P. Mechanism of DNA interstrand cross-link processing by repair nuclease FAN1. Science 346, 1127-30 (2014).
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