The Nikola Pavletich Lab: Publications


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Yang, H., Rudge, D.G., Koos, J.D., Vaidialingam, B., Yang, H.J. & Pavletich, N.P. mTOR kinase structure, mechanism and regulation. Nature 497, 217-223 (2013).

Wang, R., Persky, N., Yoo, B., Ouerfelli, O., Smogorzewska, A., Elledge, S. J. & Pavletich, N.P. Mechanism of DNA interstrand cross-link processing by repair nuclease FAN1. Science 346, 1127-30 (2014).

Zhou, C., Pourmal, S. & Pavletich, N. P. Dna2 nuclease-helicase structure, mechanism and regulation by Rpa. eLife 4:e09832 (2015).

Yang, H., Jiang, X., Li, B., Yang, H.J., Miller, M., Yang, A., Dhar, A. & Pavletich, N.P. Mechanisms of mTORC1 activation by RHEB and inhibition by PRAS40. Nature 552, 368-373 (2017).