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In the Lab
Physician-scientist Omar Abdel-Wahab
Research Suggests How Boosting Neoantigens Can Make Immunotherapy More Effective
In mice, drugs that change the way proteins are assembled appear to make checkpoint inhibitor drugs work better.
In the Lab
Sloan Kettering Institute molecular biologist Christine Mayr
Scientists Find Cancer Drivers Hiding in a New Place
New findings from researchers at the Sloan Kettering Institute suggest that cancer causes may be lurking in the molecule that bridges DNA and protein.
In the Lab
MSK physician-scientist Omar Abdel-Wahab
Splicing May Be an Effective Target in the Fight against Cancer
New drugs are being developed that target part of the process to make proteins.
Omar Abdel-Wahab
What Is Epigenetics, and Why Is Everyone Talking about It?
The word “epigenetic” literally means “above the genes.” Calico cats demonstrate a type of epigenetic inheritance called X-inactivation.
DNA wrapped around histones
What Is Epigenetics?
Physician-scientist Omar Abdel-Wahab explains epigenetics, a growing field based on the study of genetic changes that are not part of the DNA code, and how it relates to cancer.
Pictured: Craig Thompson
Watch Webcast of “Major Trends” Seminar — Annual Event for High School Students
Memorial Sloan Kettering’s annual seminar exposes high school students and their teachers to cutting-edge scientific research.