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Richard Hite, PhD
Richard Hite, PhD

Our research group has two primary focuses. One part of the lab focuses on determining the mechanisms of intracellular ion and metabolite transport, while the second studies protein nucleic acid interactions that are critical for maintaining genomic integrity. We study these fundamental processes using a variety of cell biological, biochemical, structural and biophysical tools including cryo-electron microscopy and electrophysiology.


Paknejad N and Hite RK. “Structural basis for the regulation of inositol trisphosphate receptors by Ca2+and IP3.” Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2018. 25:660-668.

Oh S, Paknejad N and Hite RK. “Gating and Selectivity Mechanisms for the Lysosomal K + Channel TMEM175.” eLife. 2020. 9:e53430.

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Richard Hite, PhD

Richard Hite, PhD

  • The Hite laboratory studies the mechanisms of metabolite transport and the maintenance of genomic integrity.
  • BS, Emory University
  • PhD, Harvard University


Benjamin Allwein

Graduate Student

Viktor Belay

Graduate Student

Sonia Das

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Mark Gad

Graduate Research Assistant

Richard Hite
Richard Hite

Principal Investigator

Songwon Kim

Research Associate

Brandon Malone

Research Fellow

SeCheol Oh
SeCheol Oh

Research Fellow

Navid Paknejad

Graduate Student

Alexander Payne

Graduate Student

Vinay Kumar Sapuru
Vinay Kumar Sapuru

Graduate Student

Marina Schrecker
Marina Schrecker

Research Scholar

Yeeun Jecy Son

Graduate Student

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Kadeem P. Ho Sang
Kadeem P. Ho Sang

Administrative Research Assistant

Changrui Xing

Research Fellow

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