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MSK Direct helps health plans ensure that their members receive the highest quality cancer care, wherever they are. Cancer is among the toughest and most challenging diagnoses an individual will ever face. We want your members to benefit from the lifesaving discoveries, research, cancer treatments, and leading outcomes of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), regardless of where they live.

A collaborative approach to high-quality cancer care.

MSK Direct works collaboratively with health plans to solve some of the toughest challenges when it comes to supporting members across the nation with cancer concerns. Our benefits solution seeks to mitigate the traditional barriers to accessing high-quality cancer care by providing people with the appropriate subspecialized cancer expertise in the care setting that is best for them.

1,400+ of the world’s leading multidisciplinary physicians | Subspecialized across 400+ common and rare cancers

Our national employer cancer benefits solution is designed to comprehensively address the needs of an entire population that spans education, screening, in-person treatment options, and virtual oncology services. MSK Direct is fully integrated and supported by the expertise of MSK’s 1,400+ specialized physicians to ensure that no matter what type of cancer a member might be facing, MSK Direct has them covered. Our specialists treat every type of adult and pediatric cancer, with expertise in surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, nursing, and supportive care.

MSK’s deep, subspecialized knowledge leads to superior outcomes by aligning recommended treatment plans with the latest evidence-based medicine.

  • 25% better 5-year survival rate when compared to the community-based setting.
  • 16% lower 3-year medical utilization than the average of all other hospitals for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Innovations in cancer care delivery.

MSK Direct collaborates with health plans like yours to provide benefit design and alternative payment models that improve cancer outcomes and reduce costs, guiding patients toward the highest-quality cancer care that consistently delivers value. Our models offer unique features, including:​

  • Collaboration to design incentives for optimal patient care and value.
  • Alternative payment model setup, such as up-front, fixed pricing for certain types of cancer.
  • Designation as an oncology Center of Excellence to boost efficiency and access through a combination of value-based insurance design options, travel support programs, and awareness campaigns.

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